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City Chiefs had a Tampa today ahead of Super Bowl 55 tomorrow with the Buccaneers assistant coach Britt Reid, the son of head coach Andy Reid, will not make the trip. He was involved in a car crash Thursday in Kansas City that injured two Children. One of them suffered life threatening injuries. Police are investigating possible impairment. You're listening to ABC news now checking kgo traffic in Bay Point, Westbound, four just east of Bailey and unknown set of debris or something blocking the three left lanes. He's found 80 just east of Powell in Oakland. A stall in the left lane break has been started The Berkeley curve to try to get that out of there in Hayward 80. South bounded Tennison three car crash blocking the left lane. In Mountain View and in the Palo Alto area, 11 North bound and South bound between San Antonio Road and University Avenue. Only the right lane is open until about nine this morning. Epic, moving freely on all of our bridges with KGO traffic. I'm Dean Michael's. The following show is paid for by three dimensional wealth. The views, opinions and beliefs, expressed her those of three dimensional wealth and don't necessarily reflect those of the staff management of cumulus media or other partners. Doug Andrew here, you know, as a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist for more than 45 years. I finally have dedicated the last two years to writing the ultimate book, the Laser fund. How to diversify and create the foundation for a tax free retirement is my favorite vehicle, and we have collected over 200 pages of charts, graphs and illustrations to empower you. And if you're more right brain, you learn by stories. You flip the book over and you read it the other direction. It contains 62 stories of actual clients who've employed the laser fund, too. Diversify and save hundreds of thousands of dollars of unnecessary tax..

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