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Who are working remotely are feeling really i always it so when they go back it the fellow for corey perry at corporate they will have a natural look are going to be forgotten about you you only i don't know if he's ever work remotely alone but it you know you feel like you're going to be forgotten about regular munich during that her week the manager can have videos guard called it during every day you're the we but knowing that third person want to be recognized record a minute he'll learn local way gonna mike practice well it out for working remotely work in your years old all fired pep were eric are i want to right but there family owned grasp peoria mo and that you know the time there but now you out you know owned by the feeling gano cram worry will take the time to find out you know about lumbar those or whatever the name of the restaurant is and when bird a very like going to getting hit circuit big get and make he'll up a new i'm doing something really quick and the time to spend the looks for your forget for that local less time to be employees and win and they're going to have but i don't my manager took the time to find out but but either local rex pitches renewed you're in your earlier in the making a kid secure tickets so i could there the impact that but great leader recognized and again in on board new employee was working remote we've been talking a lot about obviously engagement having to do upon boarding as we get ready to wrap up you're in the next five six minutes i kinda could you provide maybe in overview were some of the best class practices for the arm thirty okay well we cover a lot of the border so what if you look at what's that new employee you and computer read on the cubs you know they're research this is what this company get to know there's hope you know the value believe and then you know excited about being part of that company hire likewise the and get.

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