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That sounds like a metal genre actually, many only listen to frost metal these. It's all at below freezing temperatures. It's actually frost. So so yeah, it's a really bummer game. Because you're making all these tough decisions like feels like there's no winning a lot of time actually the case or can you win? No you can't win. It's just you always have to make sacrifices than like sacrifice, these people that you your shit, man. Heavy heavy lies. The crown. What's the expression heavy is the mantle of its keep making jokes Kirk. But it's actually I really like dismal gloomy like interesting like this war of mine. It's Waylon the same people overly. Yeah. Yeah. Kirk Kirk is like sitting cracking jokes. I'm trying to describe this game suffering human tragedy. He didn't play it. This is all we have jokes through. But, but yeah, I I didn't even realize that maybe I did know that in my brain just popped that information out as though it were new, and I did actually know that it was the same people. But there. Yeah. And then you can't win. And I remember finding that grim. So it's an interesting game, not my favorite. But interesting game worth checking out if you are curious about it monster problem this. So I really loved this game when I played it with multiple people because it's tell. Tell us competitive dating sim your high school, you're you're also all playing as monsters, and there's all these fun monster jokes like you're like a Frankenstein's monster is ambi- ghost. There's all these doorbell monsters that you are playing as we're get to date. So that's sort of like the additional hook. But the real hook is that it's a competitive multiplayer, dating sim. So you're all trying to date different people all four of you..

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