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We create in work at where our universe sits inside the why the forty universe. It sounds almost like it's difficult to locate something in a fictional universal k. universe as is to have begun the immersion res on the field at the same time as the the great sword wielders. Of the Swiss cantons that their interest outlines on their history is as complex as a fiction west, right? It is. Yeah, because when we're doing research for historical game, there's an enormous amount of background research done and the guys doing it usually have a lot of knowledge on board from their years of being interested in the subject matter. Even with an IP like this, which is science fiction, like you say, there's a huge backstory and a huge amount of reference material. And one of the most complex parts of it is actually games workshop, their official lors involved over time. And so sometimes when we're doing research will come up with an idea or a unit or some kind of feature and will build the story or something around it. And then we'll presented the games workshop and say, we'd like to do this because we found here, it tells you how it works, but then say, unfortunately, in version like seventh additional eight addition that unit no longer exists or the doors now changed. And so. Sometimes it can be an interesting problem trying to work out what the current official version of the lorries isn't. Absolutely everything in the game has to get approved by games workshop. They have a really good licensing team who we work with very closely where every single unit design every every render every piece of terrain. Everything has gone through an approvals process. It's mammoth task getting all that stuff through the I shouldn't be surprised miniatures company which was on so fine dates out on such a fine scale is actually in the in the detail business all the way through its business. That's I should have expected that should not, they know their material so well. So you'll go to them with a, we'd like to do this unit here and we share the maranda. I'll say, that's fine. But you missed the rivets off the back and the gun should be three millimeters longer and is just their knowledge of their lower is incredible. They're huge fans of their own stuff that was going to. My mind then I suppose in a way it kinda way Dan, they've actually been quite sensible as created in keeping very tight rein on what he said about the forty k universe throughout history actually. And they've, they've developed, they've stuff has fallen out sisters, no longer canon. If you look at the the death, the death of the emperor Dessus sanguinis in the kind of Horus heresy area. There's confusion over who the soldiers who who, who dies. I before sanguinis is before the emperor fights whores and kills him as a little bit of confusion. Hello? Hello, can you hear me? I can. You just said the empress dead. Dozen die. Hobart, horror ties what we say. Saying. Before the emperor does. She say, well, you could argue corpse and anyway, I'll get get lots of forty controlling ago. Yeah, there's a, there's a little little details in the backstory, but they have tended to address them and it made them part of the that you may in the universe, the people on certain about what happened in that moment, show way of doing it and saying this stuff is definite. Like at the moment, we don't know for certain the old ones were full Macron's back in the midst of time and kind of trade raises of the universe. Maybe they treated the race Idan. Maybe they will like the slammed from the fantasy universe. They made it a bit more vague and meant they've had multiple nations in there which people in the universe can have, which is like our universes. Instead people most less nations for the creation of the universe. No, I want agreed on everything. You write a book about philosophy and Watson can continue philosophy with Joan Erika Weber which is very tiny read, and some people would say, well, one is a manage writing about kinds writing about one forty k. but you kind of made your case there have the the fictionalization of the forty k universe and the way that we. Memorialize history or fictionalized history of you wanna think about it. They're not dissimilar processes are there, I guess if you ask if loss for the justify, something probably can't. So you asked me to justify my involvement in this game..

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