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Black athletes have john carlos on the show. I think we want to pay to people who came before us. And what do you see in this public. Discourse political discourse on Politics in the future of america. What is the road is athletes in general not just to black athletes put athletes in general have a platform with their role in being able to speak up on the issues. That our current in this america. You know i mean it varies. I think all of us have a responsibility to give voice to our aspiration for more justin loving world. What does it mean to have a platform. You have your particular platform failures. I have mine. What does it mean to take advantage of the resources. We have to ensure that the least of these that the most vulnerable among us cannot only dream dreams but to make those dreams a reality. I think the reason why people look black people in particular look to athletes is because not only do they have platforms. They have resources. What does it mean for us to be able to leverage our power to leverage our brand leverage our assets are skills right to really bring pressure to bear on arrangements. That really do our people in and i think if we use justice and love has our model as our guiding principle and value then no matter who we are no matter where we are located. We're gonna live lives to in stantione justice and love in the world's best we can. So my responsibility is to always put that in the forefront and part of what the athlete what she he or she has to grapple with is that we live in a world that is so defined by selfishness and greed and narcissism donald trump as. I've said before just a reflection of us and so so. Many people are just so preoccupied about just give me collecting their cars by you. Know big houses just collecting material toys. That they're not in some ways dedicating their lives to love justice right and it seems to me that what we have to fight against is you know. Is this temptation to be just simply navel-gazing just to preoccupied with our own with ourselves right so we've got a battle that fight we gotta fight that battle against selfishness and greed and narcissism. It seems to me you know. I can go on and on sorry silly.

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