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After the split with 15 and Frederick County and getting by there to the right, Bob in the W T o P traffic, and our winter weather Advisory continues this evening. Let's check in live now with storm team for meteorologist Mike Standiford Mike, who's getting the white stuff. It looks like the snow has gone all the way down the I 95 corridor to around the Fredericksburg area, the Stafford areas so most of the region Seeing snow right now. It ties that mixes were sleeping, even some rain. But here in the district, we are certainly some slick spots, especially on secondary roads and on sidewalks, so this could be the story. For this couple of hours. The snow came down very heavily. And cool the atmosphere and also called the ground so it'll be a little slick. The next two hours, which weather advisory continues until Tuesday morning, along and north of I 66 includes on Northern Virginia. To the west and north of I 66 also all of Northern Ireland also includes the district to so several hours of snow mix with sleet and raven was to the back edge of the stone half of it to the Shenandoah Valley. So around 10 o'clock What's this noble taper off in coming to an end overnight could be some light freezing rain and sleet across the northern suburbs of just light rain elsewhere. Who knows maybe low to mid thirties, so the next several hours will be the worst. As far as they travel issues go. Could be some light freezing rain across the far northern suburbs tomorrow morning near the Pennsylvania border. Otherwise tomorrow light rain ending during the morning hours high, so to bed forties by Wednesday, probably send a woman with a high near 50 Warrenton 3536. Right now I have a temperature of 34 Reagan National at 7 51. CBS News Special Report for the second time former President Trump is about to go on trial in the US Senate resolved. Donald John Trump, president of.

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