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The initials and you get twenty dollars off your first month and you can try it out and see if you like it i promessi you will that is grasshopper dot com slash b s all right before we talk before we talk about the caps in the stanley cup finals and the fact that your team is playing an expansion team any last thoughts on the celts because we haven't talked about them in a podcast in a while gave you wanna give your sixty seconds i love where the seltzer sitting i hated you know as an eastern conference participant in in washington has attempted to engender kind of a rivalry you know this little bit of chippiness with with boston what's curious to me is there is a limitless number of directions boston could go in including the possibility of trading the always injured kyrie irving what do you think boston could get at this stage for kyri coming back after you know in east surgery the curious thing to me is with all of the talent that boston has accumulated in the assets that they have we know that the the truth secret i read this in a book called the book of basketball yet is is chemistry and what an interesting chemistry experiment with hayward and and kyri coming back who's losing those minutes and where does marcus smart thinned into all of this and how tatum gonna get the touches the alpha dog touches that he's become accustomed to over the course of this season and where does terry rozier fit into all of this if at all it's very interesting chemistry experiment i'm not ready to crown their ass yet i do agree with the idea that talent wise they pose a formidable challenge to lebron and the cavaliers but so much we've learned over the last two or three years so many things change over the course of the summer yet though the the rosters go through radical transformations and you can't even fathom who's become gonna become available under what circumstances.

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