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And doing what they can to affect change in their own way, and that was a very very specific list of demands that they came out with There's also another group probably advocacy coalition which I spoken to, and they're. They're A. An organization with young young people that spearheading that that are working to bring about sort of racial change within the community as well. You know I think. I think the best thing for people to do. You know that are fans of a the Broadway community and want to be like allies to. Want to be allies is to. Literally start to educate yourself. I think that's that's the best thing I I mean. There are books you can read about it there. You know so you WanNa, talk about race or white fragility or there are there are books out there or just read about some of the history. Even if you wanted to read about the history of black theatre and how it came about, you could even do that. I mean just start to educate yourself and then. Be informed. Be informed. I think that's that's the most important thing I could say right now. I. Guess to just like as a follow up question. It's like. Like is there like a like Alexander Cossio Cortez of the theater twitter community? That's like. This this is the private account of the theater owner who said he'd. and. Back. Investigative journalist like it's like the people that did the research, but now they're like I wanNA. Fuck and be like I'll never come to your theater again if you don't whatever like like anybody like that on twitter and the theater community. That's real like it. If you don't know right now, that's not a big deal. That can research and we just didn't know if you're like ooh. Instagram off people whose you know, I, you know I think. People who are doing lots of different ways? I mean I. You know I think Uh. Karen Olivo is somebody that's that's a very image even. You know she is someone that I think people should follow. I think Adrian Warren someone. That's very active and aware of everything right now. Leshan says another one. That's very active and very aware. There's so many I mean we all I mean just follow. Follow Theater artists of color, any theater artists of color that you can find on twitter follow. The the algorithm will then say you should be. Yeah everybody I. Mean there are a lot of people and I I guess there's Instagram to. Of course. A lot of people are are are speaking up very powerful ways right now and. Going about effecting change in their specific way I mean you know Rene least goals various another one who is very politically active. Look at what Amber Riley is doing and that amp, sweet, amazing amber, Riley, who was a not only? From the television success she's had, but she's a theater artist as well and brilliant in dreamgirls I hopefully she'll get to bring her dreamgirls over to this side of the Atlantic, but she was brilliant as Efi Andrea girls over him. In London and she is on fire with what she is doing, and how she's trying to shout about change and create change and make people aware There's lots of us.

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