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Text line I convince, I confess I'm a little bit surprised, not necessarily that this happened. But it happened is close to home. If you're just tuning in Joseph MENSA, the former Wauwatosa police officer who was the subject of all the protests, and all the controversies, ultimately cleared in connection with a shooting that he engaged in February. But he reached the separation agreement with the wallet, Tosa Fire and Police Commission a agreement that I think was probably in the interest of everybody because I do think that there was an element of officer men's had stayed on the wall, the toast of police force. He was so controversial that you knew that every time he tried to do anything in connection with law enforcement, traffic stop or whatever. You knew that there was a chance that somebody would be there trying to, I don't know, encourage him or egg him on to try to do something wrong. I just think it was best that there was a parting of the ways. But that didn't mean he was a bad cop, And it didn't mean he shouldn't be entitled to a new job. And that's exactly what has happened. Just a few months after leaving while the Tosa he has been hired to be a walk, a shock county sheriff's deputy Um 8556161, 6/20 2nd mortgage talking text line, Jeff, I think it's great. MENSA got another job. I'm surprised he took one so close to Wauwatosa. Had he been employed in another area further away, it probably wouldn't have been noticed. Well, I don't know that. I necessarily agree with that, because again, there's people that made Joseph MENSA. He was the poster child for The belief that they think that their systematic violence against persons of color and things with like putting aside the fact that officer mentioned is a person of color himself. And I think wherever he went, you knew there would be a degree of controversy. I actually give the walker shot, County sheriff a lot of credit for being willing to say Hey, I'm gonna I'm gonna give this guy a job. I don't see anything that tells me That he should not be entitled to be in law enforcement, and I'm going to treat him like I would any other sheriff's deputy Jeff, I think Officer MENSA deserves his chance. I believe he's a good police officer, and this is what he wants to do. Unfortunately, I feel he will not be treated fairly. And we'll deal with a lot of controversy moving forward. Especially being so close to wall it. Oh, so well. I can't imagine what's gonna happen. Next is soon as the weather gets a little bit nicer. You're going to see a lot of those protesters who were I don't know, Occupying the Cheesecake Factory and in Mayfair and shutting down Mayfair Mall. Don't be surprised if you see them out in Walker Shaw. Um Let's see. 85561616 20. What a great thing for officer MENSA. I think this is truly turning lemons into lemonade. Jeff, I seem to recall a time when police went to the front of the threat to protect the public and were regarded as heroic. The job requires courage and quick judgment. Not everyone has that. He seems to I remember one of the arguments about him was well, you know, he's there are and there are police officers who go their entire career and never have to draw their fire arm And and that's That's true. There is an element of truth to that. But I can remember discussing this with chief. Very Weber, who I've known for decades and again. I don't think I'm telling tales out of school. And then when, when the point the chief Webber made, he says, Look here. Here's the thing that people don't understand about police officers. You you don't get to pick and choose what calls you. Go on. You You know you're you're told. Hey, there's a disturbance that Mayfair mall. Go Check it out, and you've got a kid with a gun. Who points? It? You're you're told. Hey, it's 3 30 in the morning or three o'clock in the morning or whatever. There's this car that's parked where it's not supposed to be in this park. Go, go investigate, And you find some guy who's in the car with a gun that he points at you. Okay? The police officers. They don't get to pick. You know what which calls they answer And so in many respects while it's true that some officers go their entire career and don't have to pull their gun that doesn't mean that the ones who do are necessarily are forgetting unnecessarily doesn't mean the ones who do are bad cops. It means that they're find themselves in circumstances. Maybe that are not of their own making, and that's why you have the investigations And in this case he has been investigated thoroughly. They've determined that he did nothing wrong. At least there's nothing that would have been the basis for any sort of criminal charges and things like that. I don't think that there's even the basis for any sort of like civil or disciplinary action. I understand there's gonna be some lawsuits because there's always people out there who are going to raise claims and are going to have issues and are going to try to collect money and things like that. And that all plays out. But as far as the decision to hire him as long as the sheriff found nothing disqualifying in his background, the fact that you had some people that were upset with him and Wauwatosa. To me. That's not a basis for saying you cannot continue your career in law enforcement. And so I think that's kind of good news. It's a controversial decision by the Walker Shaw County sheriff. I'll be curious to see where the protesters come down on and whether this becomes a hot potato in Walker Shaw. If it does, my guess is the sheriff can handle that back with more in just a minute. This is Jeff Wagner. Stick around. Jeff Wagner is right around the corner. We're here for you, Wisconsin during these stressful times. This is Stephen Dave Orders.

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