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Will there be recounts? Find out on all things considered from NPR and KCRW. It's five oh one live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. A new report from Washington think tank says North Korea continues to operate more than a dozen missile basis, even as President Trump boasts of ending pain Young's nuclear threat, NPR's Scott, Horsely reports the basis are widely. Scattered throughout North Korea in an effort to avoid easy destruction. Researchers identified the missile bases through a combination of satellite, imagery, and interviews with intelligence experts and North Korean defectors. North Korea has not publicly acknowledged any of the bases. Lisa Collins of the center for strategic and international. Studies says that would be a first step towards actually dismantling the regime's nuclear and ballistic weapons program where you're just putting a spotlight on those different bases and showing the world that there's more to the North Korean missile program than maybe publicly known President Trump has promised to hold a second meeting soon with North Korean leader Kim Jong own but last week the North Koreans cancelled a preparatory meeting with the secretary of state, Scott Horsely NPR news Washington after a vote count that dragged on for nearly a week. The democrat is the projected winner in the Zona Senate race to fill the seat vacated by Jeff flake, forty two year old karston cinema beating out fifty two year old Republican Martha mcsally cinema, a three term congress. This will in faced a stiff challenge from accelerator. Former air force pilot or brace President Trump after opposing him during the two thousand sixteen election mic Sally had labelled anymore. Protests by cinema fifteen years ago, treason. The contest drew more than ninety million in spending much by outside groups as California suffers through a catastrophic series of wildfire. Scientists say both climate change and forest management are partly to blame. Here's NPR's. Christopher Joyce climate change has driven up temperatures around the planet in California that's contributed to record droughts. Hot dry air sucks moisture out of vegetation and leads to more fire fire. Scientists Jennifer bolts at the university of Colorado says it's getting worse in the American west. But the trend has been is that we've seen the number of large. Fires increase fivefold since the nineteen seventies forest managers have made matters worse by suppressing even small fires over the past century. That's led to overgrown forests that are full of ready to burn trees. Experts say thinning out those fire prone forest spy, cutting or burning some trees is difficult and expensive Christopher Joyce NPR. News highlights discount carrier frontier could be close to reaching a new contract. After two years of discussions union, representing pilots for the Denver based airline announcing today, the two sides of reaching agreement in principle on a deal that would include improvements to pay work rules and benefits. The airline Pilots Association says terms to must be reviewed by frontiers. Union executive council abroad selloff in the tech sector sent large swaths of the financial markets lower than that affected. Stocks broadly. The Dow was down six hundred and two points today. You're listening to NPR then this is KCRW. I'm Larry parole infra Steve take us on Monday, November twelfth good evening to you. Here's what's happening at five. Oh, four a utility is facing increasing criticism after a wildfire ignited in northern California. The campfire surrounding the town of paradise has killed at least twenty nine people Pacific Gas and electric told regulators last week it detected a problem on. Electrical transmission line near the town of paradise just before the fire broke out Thursday. Estimates are the fire started two minutes after the reported outage. Paradise. Resident Jim Flint says he was kicked out of a community meeting last night after asking a PG any exact if the company was responsible for the fire fire now twenty five percent contained burn more than one hundred thirteen thousand acres after thirty years in the house of representatives, Orange County Republican Dana Rohrabacher is out several media outlets have called the race for democrat Harley Rueda even though Rohrabacher hasn't conceded yet. Here's KCRW Daryl salesman Rueda is up by more than eighty five hundred votes over Robert Bacher in the latest election update. There are still male and provisional ballots left account. But apparently not enough for Rohrabacher to close the gap. Rueda? A Newport Beach businessman has declared victory in the coastal district. Rohrabacher's campaign says it will have no comment until all the votes are counted which could take a couple of more weeks. Meanwhile, two other Republicans in undecided Orange County races saw their lead. Shrink in the latest vote. Count Representative Mimi Walters is a head of democrat. Katie porter by two thousand votes and young Kim is ahead of democrat Gil Cisneros by six hundred votes. Both contests are still too close to call KCRW's, Gerald sats been family and fans alike. Remembering STAN Lee today, the longtime editorial titan of marvel comics and creator of its most iconic characters has died. He was ninety five lease characters such as spider, man, wolverine and iron, man or credited with strengthening the movie industry at a time. When box offices were slumping around the world that delanie is the editorial director at the Hollywood reporter because they are enduring stories that appeal globally everybody can relate to Peter Parker. And you know, the powers that he has to embrace with responsibility. Everybody loves a superhero stories, I don't think these are going away at all these characters have been the driving force behind the top grossing movies of all time and the.

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