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Ball your prior caller i had a disabled person in my life as well and for that reason i'm gonna stay near new jersey but i'm not to stay in new jersey my plan is most likely to go to delaware where what i pay in taxes property taxes one month to live in my house in new jersey well put me in a house in delaware for a year in terms of property taxes and it'll be much bigger house i really feel that this state is going the way of win michigan everything is wrong we keep driving up the taxes and big companies my own company included are taking their high paying jobs out of the state my company moved three hundred scientists out in new jersey because they opened up a site in california 'cause they think people are gonna watch work there they'll have better recruiting california's expensive as well it's expensive but at least you're you're gonna pay for a beach that you can go to without having to pay to go to the beach as long as doesn't slide into the ocean yeah well you're gonna you're gonna drive on my way that you don't have to pay a toll for i mean we're getting it every you are talking about things i have never heard of brian you're you're talking about frontiers that we can only imagine a beach that you don't have to pay for a road that you don't have to pay for what is what are these foreign things you speak of thanks call to new jersey one zero one point five rob joe judy i gotta give you more time on this and they want you to work on this i put this up on facebook i tweeted it out following me a real steve trevor if we were going to recruit texans to move here what are some of the things we can sell about new jersey one eight.

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