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Journeys or because because the default office they just get subsumed like the telcos did do really coun your iphone whether it's e or vodafone or oato who's at the top corner i don't you know that's whoever gives me the lowest price for the most amount of data and it works in the region i'm in i'm in i think i think it's interesting because google generally they monetize sales being most efficient for selling something where so much banking is about service isn't it to what about google maps g mail google drive there's a lot of this is driven by adra vanu but there's lots of essentially intelligence services i mean google street view good god they've drove 'cause around the world looking every three i often have wondered what the revenue cases for google maps there's anybody any like guesses on that one but it but is that is it i don't see ads in google maps i do often wonder that they're just knowing where i am and that some how some sort of beta collection thing that actually leads to them being up to profile me but what do you like like big brother moment i know but you know you create a new service and it needs maps you can use the api in order to import maps into your app what is on your website what to do some great calculations like you're going to do an app on how do i get from eight to be give me the directions and that can be delivered as api basis now and that's free to start off with the you get a certain number of of use uses of that set of api calls and then google come and say well it looks like you've got a successful business with providing the base infrastructure for that so you need to give some cash drug dealer revenue models though surely that premium.

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