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New Orleans, you're awesome even draft picks your union that Miami twenty twenty one you're needing future. Philly pixes. Well, even if they're lightly protected, it's not gonna matter because the team's going to be really good you want. Ben Simmons Miami two thousand twenty one in other future. Pigs and like two thousand twenty three Phillies like, you know, I'm why after desire Smith to a masking for Joan bowl than I'm asking for younger players as well. In addition to kinda like Joan of Boba, I think the tough part, right? That's so silly is having adds so much salary in the trade at this moment, whereas in the summertime there, they can they can hold onto the JJ Rettig cap hold and the TJ McConnell cap hold and only have to give up Foltz and Simmons in a trade and still have the ability to either resign Rettig McConnell or creative Canadian. So I know the timing of the summers much sentiments future picks in the Miami two thousand twenty one and expiring. I would do it. If I was Philly. And if you're nor Orleans you pull the trigger right now, it I would do it. I would have to get a top ten guy back for him or else. I'd I don't deserve a franchise. I don't want future stuff and picks. And what does that do for me? Now, I have eight thousand people may games. You are at the point. Now, though, we're you you agree that you have to trade Anthony Davis. If you're if it comes to demanding, no, I I would just bring it to head like instead, we want to know from Anthony Davis is does he want to be here or not? And if it doesn't want to be here, we're gonna try to figure out a traitor. That's it. All right. We'll be back. A we'll be back. We'll more podcast this week talking about the wildcard rant million dollar picks. Come coming. Kyle. We have a little nest egg. Do we? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Eagles waiters too. But I didn't get through picks last week because we we decided us to apparent quarter. But anyway, eagles managed to sneak in with Nick foles Cam damning, false watch out for Nick Knight. We'll see you in a couple of days. All right. Thanks to the Kevin's Clark O'Connor. Thanks to ZipRecruiter. Don't forget to go to ZipRecruiter dot com slash.

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