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Continues a defensively but the Seahawks Prescott with time frozen that traffic. Fall is bad it up in the air. I believe it. Yeah. I guess who Earl Thomas, and you can't make it up because all summer long. You really felt like there was going to be a way that the Cowboys were going to pride Thomas away from Seattle it never amounted to anything Thomas has been unhappy. We all the stories during the course of the broadcast today about how he's doing wasn't a practice. A couple of times didn't even know if he was gonna play today goes out today, and he has two interceptions in your final score the Seahawks beat Cowboys twenty four thirteen in terms of the final stats. Not good. Dak Prescott nineteen of thirty four one hundred sixty eight yards two interceptions of the touchdown. Russell wilson. Sixteen of twenty six hundred ninety two and two touchdowns. Chris Carson thirty two carries for one or two. Very workman-like did up the touchdown. We played for you. Zeki will Elliott was solid sixteen for one twenty seven. Jeff Swain was your leading receiver for the Cowboys. Five catches forty-seven yards. Call Beasley three for forty six. The question. I have is worse. Alan hearns. Michael Gallup, these guys need to be more involved need to catch the ball and the Bali there ain't going their way or when they have opportunity. They're not coming. Down with a Tyler Lockett led Seattle. Four catches for seventy seven yards. Brandon Marshall had two for thirty the turnovers, though, certainly a big issue for the Cowboys today, but more than that the penalties. And it's not even so much that say, well, they didn't exactly have seventeen or eighteen penalties. It was ten bucks you'd be seven for fifty five yards. The problem was when they came and what was nullified because of them. You know, we mentioned the couple one took away at touchdown. Another gave Seattle the ball back lead to three points directly. That's eight ten point swing in a game. That's decided by eleven. So the Cowboys not disciplined did not play Chris game. Really? When you look at this game aside from Elliot running for over one hundred yards and Sean Lee having regained got hurt. There's not a whole lot of goodness game. And the Cowboys wind up falling twenty four to thirteen. We'll take a break when we come back to next week and wrap it up Cowboys fall twenty four thirteen in Seattle. You're listening to the NFL on compass media networks. Looking for replacement windows for your next.

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