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Beginning to look as if instead of the Beijing Olympics being a boon to the Chinese economy it will be a drag at Baxter back with global news on our 9 60 San Francisco newsroom And boy what a disappointment for Xi Jinping Yeah I mean yes There's all the political geopolitical things as you mentioned aspects to it but just economic wise the problems are really mounting It is fighting new cases well Macron every day It's COVID zero policy is in some danger Pollution curves are weighing on consumer and industrial activity Also the ban on spectators they wanted to have spectators in from all over the globe And they're not doing that Outside the games those tighter pollution controls will looting a chief China economist at no mirror holding says the games will put a stress on industrial production and infrastructure construction in the first quarter Hong Kong coming very close to losing its COVID zero battle preparations underway with new restrictions as the year of the Tiger opens with a record number of new and untraceable infections Some better news out of Indonesia will reopen Bali to the foreign visitors starting February 4 this time requiring a shorter quarantine period as a country seeks to revive tourism and sustain economic recovery The U.S. brought its case against Russia regarding Ukraine to the UN Security Council today ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield says troops at the border tell it all In the wake of World War II the council was formed to address precisely the kind of threat that Ukraine now faces And Greenfield says the U.S. will stand by NATO and Ukraine all the way Russian ambassador vasili na Vinci saying that the U.S. is creating hysteria through a translator here We fully understand that the desire of our American colleagues to whip up hysterics But the U.S. president Joe Biden says well the use is a U.S. ready for any contingency now Today in the United Nations we've laid out the full nature of Russia's threat to Ukraine's sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Ukraine as well as the court tenants of a rule based international order And says a U.S. and UK are ready with sanctions on Russian oligarchs Meanwhile French president Emmanuel Macron has spoken with Russian president Vladimir Putin today they have set the groundwork for in person meetings and UK prime minister Boris Johnson have said wait until the official government report comes out on so called party gate It came out today It was not kind to him His own Conservative Party has put him on notice before parliament today I get it And.

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