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Today's lesson the difference between product and development in prosection we do i had a we have a feature that we wanted the clawing better and by the end of the week and while we did that this is a big and there are a lot of because it's a big touches a lot of a lot of points we need to there are a lot of consequences on and options for errors for errors and when i was talking to them denting i tried as much as a qbd as a as i said there on dan on my last and on molest cast i tried as much as i queued to stoker's them and find the easiest solutions but the lesson i have learned today after working with our a head of aren't head of r d e is that the when you're dealing with beta and the notion of still broken it's the philosophy the tune into engrace as product meaning would i learned today is that for this beta the best thing i could have done is to say the definition of dar is that that success low works any air or any s any error any crash any anything that happens we need to be able to investigate but it needs to be investigated internally the dev team so create logs create anything what it whatever you need to be able to investigate any error or crash which is by byproduct of an era and.

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