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So if joy, so if the Delun beats Joyce, which I think is almost impossible beach Joyce thin, then he takes his dates is the box wreck record or gets in the top one hundred or something he should diverse. Should you know, at least replace whatever ranking Joel Joyce's in. Yeah. Theoretically that would be the case the typically, but if he's not ranked in the top hundred now than well, you should get a top hundred at least, I'm pretty sure if he beats Joyce. He'll be right. We're Joyce's if not a little further along that's kind of how it works. You can't beat a dude ranked twenty eight theoretically, go backwards, and the only reason he's not in the top one hundred now is due to in here. I don't know if he like replaces Joe Joyce in terms of like, our what's the word leg a liquid Joyce's outward headed, dude, we'll get comeback fighter of the year. Yes, come on back quieter. I'm not exaggerating here. The man was hospitalized and flats in his last wife hasn't fought in about twelve months. He comebacks and defeats an undefeated up and coming highly touted UK prospect. Yeah. Yeah. I think he is combat naming ROY Moore. Here's what you do. And that's my nomination for comeback fighter of the year whose comeback fighter of the year in your in your opinion for two thousand nine nineteen in just one month. Will I want to go on the Renault ever? Maybe maybe there you go. That's going to be a NADA is. But he he beat Lenora Norris who vaults tomorrow Joyce's undefeated, stop your life. But Jojoy says unbeaten anybody. Your great knocked out two times before. So so all of a sudden can no design special narrow, bro. Emerged willing to come out at beat. But you gotta understand Joe joyously. What does he represent like, we don't know if it's? The. I'm excited. Mario loves being against whatever, you know. Whatever side of the street. I'm and I love it though. But look this is what he represents represents. The you woke up at eight central. I woke up at nine central to show on a seven and no prospect that's much. He fucking represents. Yeah. No, listen. I'm not saying that he's not highly touted. I'm not saying that there's a lot of hype behind him. But you know, where's the first guy that beat David price like their fighters? All the Tommy that highly touted I'll answer that the I got it'd be David price. Gotta move so t's five, plus he got a rematch with David price and made it. No, okay. We'll see. But but Thompson is no now because he did what he did today the price you want to try another. Well, first of all Tony Thompson was I mean a decent name before that. But listen the point is this. I'm not saying that Saverne wouldn't get recognition in. I'm not saying he wouldn't. Get jumped up the rankings. All I'm saying is that you'd have to put it into perspective. Because I to me look this is a better fight for Joe Joyce. He gets name on his resume that was in there Deontay wilder, you know, he can come in. And if he wins, it's a huge deal for him in his progression Ford. Although I understand what Ron's coming from in terms of this being kind of like a hype fight for him. But I think diverging a lose lose situation. I think you come in you win. And it's like it doesn't do as much as beating somebody who's already been at your level. I mean, he's gonna what he's gonna jump up and down because you beat a prospect when he's been in the ring, which is like it. It's just a different roads. No. But Joe Joyce ranked number five in the WBA that would definitely can Opole him high. If he stops not this is heavyweight the only I think it's the Verne knocks or beat so Joyce's by knock knots out. Joe Joyce that is a very good win. Because I don't think anyone is excited for the fight because they're expecting the complete opposite a devastating fashion of Joe Joyce leading up stir Vern because that's the public opinion of Saverne. I guess I can't even wrap my mind around it happening. Good 'cause I'm gonna give you history..

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