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He was likely at ground zero of any type of dealings with the Russians. He was in that meeting. If you recall at Trump Tower with the Russian agents at Don Donald Trump, junior and others. He has the most important information of anybody who has flipped at this points and the president for many months now had been praising him for not flipping like others, head Cohen. And Michael Flynn. Now he is flipped. They've all flipped. Basically, the president is totally exposed. And as you previous guests pointed out, prosecutors, do not give out deals like this too low for to lower your sentence unless you have something that is valuable, and it's something that is about a bigger fish than you are. If I've counted this ROY Senate, these becoming increasingly difficult to keep track. That's now we've seen convicted by Mullah his campaign sham and his national security adviser, foreign policy adviser campaign advisor, and he's personal lawyer. Can we amuse ourselves for just a second by thinking about how the Republican party would be reacting? If this was happening in president, Hillary Clinton's White House? Yes. An outcry, I, if this were Hillary Clinton, you know, obviously her her Email issue which was very serious, got a lot of attention. She was never charged Trump during the campaign campaigned on locking her up for crimes. Well, people who are locked up now are pretty much everybody around the president who served in the campaign in the administration and serious and very prominent roles. I mean, I know I've asked you posted this question several dozen times and I do appreciate your patience, but are we now nearing the point at which we're going to start seeing Republicans heading for the life off Zora they still waiting for the midterms? No, I don't think you're going to see anybody heads the liferafts until the mid terms, and they will likely many of them will likely lose in the midterm elections. We'll have to see where it goes. I think the only way to really turn Republicans on the president is if if the party suffers big losses in November and they're kind of mad at the president for creating environment where. It costs them their seats. You may see some chains at point, but I don't see any type of course change between now and the midterm elections. So what happens if though, and obviously the fact that Donald Trump is president, he's in indicate the polls, another ways, reliable. What happens if the midterms don't go badly for the Republicans. If they don't go badly Trump and the party will use that to say that voters didn't care about this investigation. It didn't matter that people knew about this did matter the economy's good and they'll use it to pretty much bolster the president. I think if if if probably hold onto both houses of congress, which looks unlikely the house looks pretty well set for Democrats right now unless they totally blow it. But if they, if the party does maintain a majority in both houses, triple, say voters, didn't care about Russia. They didn't care about all the things that the media obsesses about my party one. We're still in power and use it to kind of get beyond everything. If not, then the the obvious stampede for the exits that we would discussing e perceive in the Republican party any, I guess, preparation for a rewriting of the narrative of the last couple of years. I'm talking of course about that anonymous paid in the New York Times which I think there's been a certain amount of suggestion that this is the. Republican party trying to introduce the idea that they, they laboured heroin calmly nobly behind the scenes to try and save the United States from the plus nine elected president. No, look, I think I think most Republicans look at this says he's not perfect. He's not great, but we're getting good things done. Policy wise, we're getting tax reform. The economy's doing well, we're appointing conservative justices to the supreme court, and we're just going to hold our nose and kind of look the other way and the other things because he's nothing we can do about about them..

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