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Our top story now that two more cases of the highly contagious variant of covered 19 have been found in Colorado, the state says. At this point, the variant doesn't have health officials alarmed. We believe that we're not seeing widespread transmission of the very in right now in Colorado state epidemiologist Dr Rachel Hurley. He says. One in 105 Coloradans is contagious. Of covert 19, the president tweeting today he will not be attending the January 20th inauguration of Joe Biden. Biden says. That's a good thing. I was told that on the way up here, way over here. But he indicated he wasn't going to show up at the at the inauguration. With a few things he and I've ever agreed on the president elect, says Vice President Pence's welcome to comment he'd be honored to have him there. Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel will be getting another two year term. She was unanimously reelected during RNC meetings in Florida. Former L. A Dodgers legend Tommy Lasorda died last night of heart failure. He was 93 years old. He spent 20 years with the Dodgers had guided them to two world serious titles. Our next news updates at three o'clock, I'm Susan with Yoon on Ko e news radio, a 50 A M and 94 1 of them. There's a check on traffic with Rick Morgan. In the bed. Fred Sports Traffic Center Big delays across downtown both directions all due to what North bound crash involving four vehicles blocked. The left lane at Colfax North found backed up into the bridge is right now in south bound backing up since it is the left lane crash and South Downs backed up to I 70 rest of the highway drive. Really? No surprise is going to be slower. You'd expected westbound to seven across Commerce City westbound I.

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