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Snacks. Daily eight is thursday. The new friday june third. Nick what are you doing next week. Jack i thought oh you never ask. Can i meet you over atom. Let's say fourteenth street over my guns avoid street by golly. We are putting together for the first time in over a year next week in the big apple in the flesh. Gonna touch your skin. Easy real we're going to celebrate a whole bunch of wins together so it's knackers. We're actually curious. Anybody got any new york city restaurant recommendation. It's been a. While we could use some ideas tweet us abject kramer at nick of new york. What's meantime we've got the best one yet. what up. yeah we do this bar sardine jack. What's our first story. Amc stock jogged so much. Yesterday it did. It had to be halted by the stock exchange or time feels like a record jack. The ceo of amc. He cares more about apes than he does about wall street for a second story. A quarter of america's beef a fifth of america's pork and a couple of chicken wings. They were all held hostage. For two day cyberattacks knackers a huge corporate problem that requires one non corporate solution and oetzi just dropped one point six billion dollars to acquire gen z. Welding because depop is where tiktok shops but saqer's before he hit those three fantastic stories shows good mix in asia. We all know fab achieve. You know for apertures six hundred calories but it feels less guilty because it's coffee you may also know it is pacino. it's just a coppa whip cream and poppies love puppies going to ask for it. Most starbucks will give the way for pick but an aperture. Now that's app frappuccino there. A nightmare apparently sweep across starbucks. Nationwide the old app. Chino people too much time and hungry for creativity. They order coffee with thirteen modifications. Then when the annoyed barista hands you the obnoxious order you posted on tiktok hope to go viral if so facto app achino for instance. The cap'n crunch. It's a frappuccino with two spoons of toffee served. Can i interest you in the double chocolate chip. White mocha frappuccino venti. But it doesn't stop there with five pumps whipped cream crumbled. I'm an upgrade to the grand. Snacker you're ordering a novel not ordering a drink. It's a whole paragraph apple jack. The tastes like fairies brain darlene. She's not a fan of these fancy trick sano. She's sticking with the lodge regular one styrofoam one pumped chris daily as we gotta get some rain. Food is candy. They don't reflect. The views of her family is formation just so recommending any securities. It's not a research report or investment advice not offer or sale of a security. that's next digestible. Business news would you financial. Llc member finra is less sipc. Our first or stocks surged so look yesterday it got halted and then they did something. We've never seen before god at four times. This feels like a munich. I'll take the ceo of amc. He stopped carrying about wall street and he's reading little investors. Jackie stopped caring. Four times saggers. Its largest movie theater chain in the world. it's also the almost most bankrupt movie chain in the world. yes last year not anymore. Though as you'll hear from the store no not anymore because we got ourselves a little bit of like an anti love story situation gone on okay because a bunch of hedge funds szott. Amc stock was falling apart. Yeah read it loved. Amc stock jack. A whip up some policy one on one on college chillier. The enemy of your enemy is your friend. I think that's how this works right. So twenty twenty was defined by hedge funds for shorting. Amc stock game stop and a bunch of others thinking that those stocks would fall like zero which brings us to twenty twenty one this year. When means talkers banded together to instead buy up all those stocks backfiring on the hedge funds that had short pets and shooting the stocks up by thousands of percentage points. If you haven't heard that story. That nick summarized ben. You've been under a rock. So then he got zoom out here and about thirty percent of the. Us are still closed. Plus he got like disney plus hbo bring all these movies straight to streaming not a great situation for theaters and yet amc stock is at an all time high as yesterday the fundamentals. Clearly don't support its stock price sue. Something just seems off and then this happened yesterday. Amc stock doubled in minutes so quick so fast that the new york stock exchange halted trading three times. Four times smackers. Amc is now worth a whopping twenty eight billion dollars. That is up from a half a billion dollars just one year ago. That is to lifts. Now we've seen stocks go viral before what we haven't seen as this get this. Amc just turned its shareholders into loyalty program members. We're not making this up. It just launched a new platform on their website just for retail investors it's called amc investor connect. It's an exciting concept with an absolutely brutal man. It's one giant loyalty program that you can only get into if you own stock of. Am we're trying to think of other names like ebay to entertainment club stocks for flex. We need ideas people. Send us your idea yes there. Here's the deal if you're shareholder. Amc you can join this club and exclusive screenings of movies. You can get discounted soda while you're enjoying those movies and one big free bucket of popcorn the next time you go to a name. He is a like if you just like this is if you own stock in amc if so facto free popcorn yeah the amc company and amc ceo. They're both donating fifty thousand dollars to a gorilla. Wildlife fund jack. I'm sorry just because people may have missed that maybe driving maybe distracted. Can you repeat that last line. Yes the ceo and the company are donating to a gorilla wildlife fund. This is all relate. It's because amc investors call themselves apes and the nicknamed the c o ve amc after a type of guerrilla a silverback. So we know what you're thinking. Why is there so much love in particular for retail investors from. Amc it's because they saved amc for bankruptcy yes since december amc inc has sold new stock three times and brought in in return. Some desperately needed cash during the depths of the pandemic yeah. The mc stock is so high. They got one point. Six billion dollars from selling their stock just to keep the company afloat during a pandemic. The basically said you saved us from bankruptcy retail investors. Here's some free goodies for you and the jack. The retail investors are saying. Thank you for these free. Goodies dispute for thanking us. We'll buy up more of your stock and then the exchanges had to stop trading four separate times three times. Jack wants to take like for her buddies over at amc. Amc does work for wall street. Now he works for the me. Mind bastard alright smackers. The ceo bam see ademir isn't focused on the big institutions on the quarterly earnings costs like most corporations instead. He has a direct conversation with anyone willing to open up youtube and he's encouraging people to follow him on twitter and the reason is simple. The numbers tell the story. Eighty percent of amc stock is owned by three point. Two million individual investors eighty percent now for comparison cinema world is also a publicly traded movie company as it is now owns regal theaters. You've probably been one..

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