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What the fuck wait. There's company which is like the uber of helicopters. Each wished feel good like oops already sells sesa. Sketch helicopters are so dangerous. I because like this hoover helicopter hoover helicopters like any. Oh motherfucker at the helicopter can just pick you up. You know like it needed the helicopter late day like okay. You'll helicopter circling the block. A helicopter actually got delayed on last ride like west. The situation here yeah. I'm already concerned but so this guy was the ceo. You said he was the head dog so he was representing the com- the company as a spokesperson expert of communications sending out emails press releases. Spe- considered news outlets. He had a personal blogs talking about uber helicopter. Air when he's speaking to the news outlets that's all what in written form like. He's not on hat to be had to be. You can do a lot of phone calls that end up being turned into literal articles. And then you send pictures to go along with them so it could be that situation. But it's like simon was out here doing these dan prescott. We'll see an uber. Car in the water is bizarre but our helicopters really do being the water sometime like we just hold on be patient. The helicopter will up okay. The helicopter wave for five minutes before they charge just five minutes. And you know it takes eighteen minutes to ground this bitch. But we're only waiting for five because liftoff takes eight seconds bitch so about blade blade. Urban air mobility inc is an urban air mobility platform based in new york city. Well that makes sense. Because like i can fly helicopters in l. a. and people do it to get places faster. I feel like helipads and stuff like that is very new york very much. So but ellie ellie doing that because we have ghetto ghetto birds in the sky. All the time out here and yeah. We could wind up one. Police have so many helicopters successive phillies. Y'all just want him for no reason. It's be on excessive when they talk about the militarization of police. This is what we're fucking talking about like. Why do our police have all these goddamn helicopters. Like and i feel like they. They're looking for people half the time. They just be flying them so that people know that they gave us based put some miles on this helicopter. Let's go to the hoodie flashlights. That black people okay. They wanna make sure they get their that money back in their budget. Their budget exactly no use it. We lose it. So y'all get into helicopter like literally just to get somebody selling bootleg persons on venice. Okay helicopter exactly the type of shit. They use helicopters for yes. It's also for like murderers on the loose. Okay but it's also for other bullshit around here. Lapd we're watching. You look down my cell fake kylie lip kids. Let's get pissed kylie has like a fucking contract with lapd. Get them everywhere. You find them in the helicopter right now before i have kris jenner callback. Okay so much like other rideshare apps it's allows users to book seats on scheduled flights throughout the northeast and west coast of the united states. It also allows us to arrange private charter. Flights lost twenty fourteen. It went public. This may add evaluation of more.

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