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With sixty dollars depends on. What other foods out there and this poof sandwich can be a poop. Doug or poop rep for a poop pita. Do you want it. It's sixty bucks you didn't. You didn't ask me if how how it compared to other other golf games out there like the news. Pga to k twenty one or whatever that's out like you would ask me. Is it a better golf game than that. I would have said. Fuck no play that if you probably get for cheaper on steam and his way better way better. But that's not what you asked me. He said it was dollars. Include some nuance to the question of sixty dollars. Other other gulf games on the switch yakov story. Where's everybody's golf because people like everybody. Golf is on a ps four. The last one. They made a mobile one but the last proper console wound is on. Ps worth that games actually really fucking good. That one was good. I oh yeah that one's probably you probably get that deal like ten bucks right now bro. I just usually. I usually i tell you what game is worth because everyone is our own values like right. You'll sometimes i'll be fine paying thirty forty dollars for game five hours long out care like worthy to me but with this on what's i started playing and i remembered our conversation with mid sounds not is not worth this is. There's not enough here but don't tell me about speed golf. I have not played it. It's fucking offer bucket. Yeah it's a poop sandwich. It's so it's like okay. So the the concept in itself like if you if you like conceptualize it in your mind. You take two things that i generally enjoy quite a bit. Mario platforming and gulf sounds great. But that they fucking screwed it they screwed the pooch man so basically what it is like the tea boxes enormous and like three to four people tee off at the exact same time and then the objective is to run the length of the fairway. Or wherever your balls landed from your first shot to your next shot as fast as possible right and you have a stamina meter Depending on what course you're on there's a desert course that the balmy dunes course or whatever. The fuck is called Where you have hydration meter that you have to mount monitor as well so it's like oh so as you're running you're like oh don't wanna get fucking tired out. I was like one of those survivors. Like it's yeah. No this is like if you don't finish your speeco fos nephew dehydrate. Which is just not relevant because in this game you can't hit.

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