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There's this side there's that side in everybody wants to know where you land because you normally come in with will let me just tell you. What truth is we all look to you for? I don't know if you get that in your normal life to which girlfriends you're the voice of reason. I could agree with that. I mean I feel like I try to get at things. The way you know is common sense you know but typically I would say a lot of times in the past when I was trying to think back to other situations on the show either hours around for something or I was of the situation like you know so it was easy for me to speak on eight or have an opinion about it. But if I'm getting everything. Third Person or third hand like saver Anson's The situation when they first met the Could they wouldn't Send THE BY THE COOKIE. Lady even have a name. I just recall onto the cookie lady. She she needs to chance her business to the cookie lady because everybody causes it but when I was saying is you know I briefly. Remember them mentioning that this lady came by or whatever but a when we first started saving early June so months. We didn't hear nothing else from her. She come back around like and that was his them telling me therapy persons. I'm not even thinking about that lady. By the time we went to Canada. You gotta saying that that day in when Can you the little things like? Well what would you do if Blah Blah Blah? Damn cheek could lady honestly wet had been in the press. So much was obviously Denison Porsche Man. Yeah so you know. Obviously the first thing that came to mind was either her or eat out is what we should trying to tell me something. I don't know you know we all I think were sitting there like wondering who she talking about it then. I guess it was like you know her in Kept asking questions. They kept going back and forth. A you know talking to that will win if this when suddenly started thing I was like. Oh she must be talking about the lady. You're not I mean but it still wasn't at thanks to me because unless light okay lesbian Veru. We didn't know anything. It's typically allow. These people come because of Resume on bring her back around. This may not up again. You.

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