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A mandating of vaccine, particularly for the general public. Never see the general public. Mandating Fauci for the general public. That's us now and Jen stock. You know that that that's not something that's not the role the federal government to mandate. No, I'm I wouldn't I wouldn't demand I wouldn't be support mandating. You know, As I've been saying that you know we can. We cannot require require this of people, Nancy Pelosi says It's not something we can do. We cannot require people. Now you turn that into now It's become a license now to go after. Anybody that has that opinion today. Now it's now it's open season to cancel to distance. It's okay to say they don't deserve health care treatment, emergency room treatment If they're not vaccinated. Keep in mind. Nobody that is, you know, there's one size fits all medicine is is amazing to me because there are the rare conditions that we've chronicled. Um I'm not a doctor. I'm not telling people what to do each and every way except take this damn thing seriously because it's dangerous. The one therapeutic I find that that's the most promising that I know people that have had the best results is the colonial antibodies like Regeneron. Um, but there are other people that are worth listening to whether you agree or disagree. Inform yourself anyway. So, with all of that said, we don't have any vaccines for mandates for illegal immigrants at all. In the middle of a pandemic. Joe builds overcrowded cages with a high rate of covid positivity, and they don't even test people. They don't vaccinate, vaccinate people, and then they dispersed people all over the country and is hundreds of thousands of people every month that they've been doing this, too. We're going to get lectures from Joe Biden on any of this. I mean, it is such a pa Chrissy, and now it's fashionable to just You know, demonize anybody who did the hell with your freedom. Where's the anger of Joe for releasing all these illegal immigrants without even testing them without demanding vaccinations of them anyway? 809 41 Sean toll free number. It is now the consensus among lawyers that I like and respect is that there's no way this is going to stand up in court. You got over 20 now states. Then are in the process of suing Joe Biden and preparing for a lawsuit. Uh, to analyze the legal side of it. We've got David shown civil rights attorney and by the way, former board member of the Alabama Civil Liberties Union Gregg Jarrett, host of his own podcast, a brief Fox news legal analyst, number one best selling author. Greg, let's start with you and get your take on this Well, it's unconstitutional for the feds to do it because under our constitutional system states are in charge of public health concerns. It's part of their police power, not the federal government. Federal government is never ordered. Compulsory vaccination. For that reason states have and twice the Supreme Court has upheld the right of states and local officials issue vaccine mandates or face a penalty. Um, the other thing that's going on here beyond that, so you know, states will sue governors. Individuals will sue businesses will sue. You're going to have efforts by state legislatures to pass laws against mandates already, 14 states have them so you've got that. But the other part of the equation is You know Biden, the CDC director Pelosi, all the people you mentioned who said this isn't within the power of the federal government to do it. They know that they can't do this. So they tried a work around as the chief of staff for Biden pointed out in a tweet by delegating it. OSHA, the Occupational Safety Health Administration. Under emergency temporary standards. Well, I'm looking at their emergency standards, and it specifically says you can only enact a rule if workers are in grave danger due to exposure to toxic Substances virus is not a toxic Substance, So they're not even within their authority under OSHA to do this, your take David shown there are several issues here to try to hit real quickly. Um, First of all, I want to be clear and the Covid devastated my family. I'm pro vaccine for me. I think my life was saved, Possibly by the money equivalent anybody. That's a choice for me to make. There are many people who pro vaccine, believe it but are against mandates. By the way, I think the you should be leading the charge against the mandate. This is about individual freedom. Everyone points to the 19. Oh, five K's Jacobson vs Massachusetts with Massachusetts is allowed to mandate smallpox vaccines. But the court said there clearly is the state Legislature was better than a court to decide. And they upheld the law by the state Legislature. Problem we have here many problems. Executive authorities overstepping to have an agency that hasn't even collected the proper data yet mandating something millions of hundreds 100 million people around the country. We don't do well with this kind of program. It wasn't that long ago that the Supreme Court allowed a forced sterilization of the feeble minded We don't want our federal government. Involved. These cases like Jacobson were long before the whole list of personal freedom type cases. It came from the Supreme Court. You know, we've had cases, though, even in the nineties, Washington versus Harper Band, the forcible injection of medication into non consenting persons body. Substantial interference with personal liberty. Um, Cruz and right to die the right to reject medication, even at the peril of your own death. Um, us versus Stanley, You can't subject somebody to experimental drugs. Now, you say Well, Pfizer has been approved. What about Moderna? I happen to have taken to the Derna. But do I want to force that on other people?.

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