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In this case, it was Theresa May take a kneecapping over a check his proposals, the music at Salzburg, yesterday Thursday, they was deliberately the way they do. The west is the British library, which is almost exactly where we recorded two sets of emergency for cuts in rather. Bickers thing Theresa May's about to make dining street announcement, obsolete. This is she's gonna make a Downing Street, and now you've got to get on a train. Yes. And this is why we do it now. The whole thing is prone for disasters achieving a moment that Theresa is not going to stand up, say, screw the lot of you. Yeah, I what happened yesterday in Salzburg, that is, we'll have Cohen. And so nothing changed in terms of objective reality. They've always been quickly. Comedy, get anywhere with check on a tone. Checkers just takes the goods part, the single market. And actually you can have that bit. There isn't dreams may propose. It's not because she likes it basically because it's the only way you can join up around the back of the backstop proposal fraud and actually make sure the some kind of system that keeps you together. Whoa, satisfying that aspect of it. It's never been ago. We've always known that everyone from every perspective on this thing knows to go. We presume that even in Downing Street, I know it's not a go. Well, it's, they've always been very clear someone a web, but they usually bit more conciliatory bit more positive because they're trying to shore up support yesterday. Something changed that nine which became much of this people out there, saying washing of changes today, the same along the lines of what they did before looking at it in context, it was a much more bruising counter than she was expecting that they had led her to believe she would get. We're not entirely sure why it seems that she really caught Bobby misjudge the speech he made to them ten minute speech made at the end of the dinner on the first night with it's four hours all over immigration. She comes in this very boring speech, basically reading on the Oscar, she'd written for German newspaper. Again, there have been a new each them trying to sort of divide European need is a strategy. She must know, isn't gonna work by this stage in the name of God, but nevertheless, you keep on doing it. I don't know basis then came out and they going just to. Though. So I've told to say, we're not going to do the fudge game with you anymore. And the fudge game was basically you have to give us on and you're gonna give us like stock when it comes to the futures or relationship than normal legal part of the agreement. We can fudge that into oblivion. Just go, well, look, it's going to be a wonderful future of the two of us economically. You don't really say with your lining and that allowed the battery take place. Once the deal had been secured in Brexit happened. The fact that they went prepared to do that. He's not gonna do that. Don't with that means things become much more specific now and specificity is the opposite of what she needs, what she needs. Everything's very fuzzy inveigh because she company parts specific proposal for the future relationship in the Commons. She condu- Brexit. She colonies of Brexit. She can't deal. She needed to be fuzzy in order to get it passed the Commons and yesterday was the moment that they seem to be saying, no one..

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