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And komo's Charlie harder tells us it could give us a glance of the future of earthquake safety around here. It's called shake alert. If a five point our higher, earthquakes rocking and rolling A those with the app installed might get a few seconds to a minute to take. Cover Caltech seismologists, Tom Heaton between the time. When the the earth stirs to rupture on some of the full when the rupturing all over takes about a minute and a half. The push alert system will be triggered by the US. Geological Survey early warning system sensor is still being installed up and down the west coast. So developers will be paying close attention to how things go in LA try to figure out how did it play around here? Charlie Harger, KOMO news. Now an update from the Harley exteriors. Komo's sports desk. Seahawks had a shorter week to prepare for their wildcard playoff game. But there in Dallas now getting ready to face the Cowboys Saturday night, the hawks will try and pull off an upset on the road against a Cowboy's team. They beat in Seattle in week three the Seahawks are one of twelve NFL team still playing the Mariners have been purging their roster. But yesterday, they officially introduced their biggest off season acquisition from Japan pitcher. You say Kukuchi is now a Seattle mariner will be counted on right away to be a part of the Mariners rotation. He signed a four year deal worth fifty six million dollars. You'll wear number eighteen Washington safety Taylor rap has declared for the NFL draft giving up his final year of eligibility after being second team all America selection. Art Sanders at your home of the huskies. Komo news. It's me your heart..

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