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Or just died of natural causes, she was a year old. Maybe a little over a year actually. It's not like we bought her and watched her hatch from a goldfish egg to the hatch from eggs. I don't really know. Nonetheless, my daughter has now decided what she wants her new pet to be. And it is the natural evolution. It is what you would think the next animal would be after having goldfish and that's a horse. Yes, a horse. I don't know where this guy. I don't even know. Where she thinks we're going to put it the horse. What we do have a two car garage, I guess that's rather extravagant to his 6 year old. There's some show she walks on the BBC where snobbish British equestrians fight over who gets to ride cat. Who gets to ride? Calico today. Calico is my horse, Don, you mind. And now all of a sudden my daughter Stella thinks she can take care of a horse ride a horse when what comes out of a horse is twice the size of her. But yes, her goldfish died and I said to her, well, we can move on. What's the next pet you would like? Are we ready? Is the family ready for dog? I still didn't really recover from the passing of my last dog. But for my kids, I will. And she's like, I think I kind of know what's next. I'm like, oh, is it going to be a cat? I'm not that I've had some friends with cats that I love. But I was a little bit worried it was going to be a cat. And she goes, a horsey. Okay. Let's go down to the horse store. Pick out a horse. And what's the name for it? And of course, Stella ever creative with her names for horses was, well, I just said, horsey, so yes, when the time comes and we're in the bigger house, and if this passion continues, thanks to that snobbish BBC series, Vinnie Penn, your party animal. Will be the owner of horsey, the horse. See you next week. This is animal radio. Hey, Eric and rasche here hosts of the CBS TV series lucky dog. We're also the spokespeople for the 14th annual get your licks on route 66 pet adoption tour brought to you by fido friendly magazine. The tour travels from Los Angeles to Chicago, stopping at shelters along the way to support adoption events. Join us and show sponsor Chewy at the tour's kick-off event on Saturday, August 27th, where lots of great pets will be available for adoption. To find out where the tour stops near you, log on to phyto friendly dot com, and who knows? You just might find your new forever friend. You're listening to animal radio, call the Dream Team now with a free animal radio app for iPhone and Android. We just got an email about the turtle talk we had last week. They were very happy. Someone who owns a snapping turtle says we've been very un turtle centric and really like to hear all the turtle talk. But you actually, you're dealing with another turtle situation. What's up with that? Oh yeah, I mean, we see turtles all the time. I guess we don't talk about enough on ear. So we're going to have to work on that. But yeah, I've got a box turtle. That is here, and because his nails in his beak have grown out excessively. And yeah, you're thrown off by the beak thing, aren't you? Don't have beaks, and I hate to tell you. That's a bird. They do have beaks. In fact, because birds and reptiles are closely related, the front of their mouth is very firm and it has a very hard strong makeup there. And what can happen, this little guy has some nutritional problems. They on his family just has to get under control here. So he's been eating too high of a protein diet, very vitamin poor. So it has caused his beak, which is kind of the snout. To grow out too long. And it looks like he's kind of has like a big overgrown bite on his teeth. So we have to trim that back today. Trim his nails. We're doing some vitamins and some antibiotics and trying to get his husband to be back to where it ought to be. He's 20 years old. Wow. So that's not a toucan. It's a turtle. But yeah, so we're going to try to keep this guy around for another decade or two. How long did turtles live? You know, box turtles can live up to 50 years. So if we get this guy on the right track with husbandry, you know, he can live a long time. Get him some fruits, vegetables, and it's just like, you know, Joey, you know, you've got a bird, you gotta give them an all around it. You can't pigeonhole into one thing. That's true. My bird likes pizzas, spaghetti, meatballs, you know? All the good Italian foods. Exactly. Let's see, I think we have Rick on the phone. Hey Rick, how are you doing? I'm doing pretty good. How are you doing? Good, what's going on in your world? Well, I have a snoodle. He's about a year and a half, two years old. Very rambunctious, but he loves walks and to play and all that, but he does not like a car. He'll get real shaky. Like writing in a car, he starts panting, salivating and then eventually he'll throw up. Well, and that's definitely a hard thing. Are you out traveling right now with him? No, no, no, no. He's at home. I'm a truck driver. I'm actually an island park Idaho, which is beautiful. Awesome. Yeah. All right. Well, the trick with dogs that have problems in the car travel. There's two components to it. There's actually what's more of a fovea, which causes them to be fearful, trembling, shaking, drooling, and then there's the dogs that have true motion sickness. Now, a dog with true motion sickness doesn't have to go through those other symptoms. And in fact, a dog with motion sickness, it's really just when they get on those windy turns that they'll start to get nauseated and vomit. However, a dog that has motion sickness can build up those phobias because they know what's going to come. So you can get an overlap of two problems here. So we have to address it that way. The first part, if we've got time and opportunity before car travel, the best thing we can do is condition a dog to the car. And that can be a very labor intensive process where we gradually train them to being near a car being in the car, being in the car gradually that goes down the back of the driveway, and then eventually working up to going around the blocks. Now, every dog is different. And you can't push them. So we may spend a week or two just getting them to do basic obedience sitting right next to the car before we actually enter it. If we notice any fearful behaviors, ears are down and back, tail is low, slinking, looking around, licking the lips, then we're pushing them too far, and we don't want to take that next step and put them in the car and drive them around because we're not accomplishing anything. We're setting ourselves further back. So gradually we build up to this. We practice this with treats, rewards, and then eventually we build up to those smaller bits of time getting around the car driving the car that we can hopefully build them up to positive experiences. So that's the hard and the long way to correct these type of things when we've got anxiety. Some of the short term things that we do, there's a lot of different things. So some dogs, if we really feel that they have motion sickness, I may use a drug like dramamine or there's another one that's approved for dogs called serenia, which helps to decrease their motion sickness and truly an emotion sickness type problem. Do anything for that anxiety. So we got to work on that too. So I may add in some things like the thunder shirt, which can be a calming effect. As well as things like dog pheromones, those help to kind of relax a minute natural way. Those could be in collars, sprays, things like that. So those are some other ways that we can help make training a little bit easier or just even that car travel that you have to do all of a sudden. And I guess the other thing that I should mention is that when we already traveling with dogs in a car, we don't want them to run helter skelter all around the car, because that can actually be very upsetting. It helps to feed their anxiety with the more they can run from window to window and drool and lick the glass. It really makes them very much nervous. So seat belts or dog crates are a great way to keep them confined and that will help decrease some of that motion sickness that they'll have.

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