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John reading this abri study the employee benefit research institute study on withdrawals alireza and so forth i found uninteresting staten aga i'm going to get the required minimum distributions here momentarily but i i found this quite interesting overall in 2015 which the data's from 2015 twenty six point one percent of iras had less than ten percent in equities wow that's a high percentage of iras that had a very low percentage in stocks and the stock market as you well know from 2015 on has been on fire off rightwing 2015 was not a good year but sixteen and so far seventeen looking pretty good and if you go back prior to fifteen it's been unbelievable 19 percent compounded per year since march of two thousand nine and the only have ten percent of your money enjoying that benefit in a in an individual retirement account where the money's not going to be used for retirement i get the fact that beer seventy five years old an ira you might not want to have a lot an equities but certainly more than ten percent so that stat star in my head and it goes on twenty nine point two percent had more than ninety percent and equity so now i'm thinking well there's two extremes here you've got the faint hearted investors that don't wanna have nothing to do with the stock market then you add the highway risktakers that have got ninety percent of their money in the stock market i mean i i think a lesson for mr miandi here makes a little bit of sense a little more balance if you will be get sixty percent of the people don't have any and and that.

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