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That Santana in polo. Here's well, glad to have you along for the ride. So you see the story, just his story, I guess, the Obama administration said get all these speeches off the website. What? Yeah, I and this is even start reading it. No, no. Let's look, first of all, whatever's on, you might make it up. Eight nine four one pags joepags dot com. Big our coming your way bottom of the hour. It's going to be a doctor who has written a book about the role of males in our society in males have been beaten up. We've been treated like crap. We've been minimized, and he says. Dr Warren Farrell. He's got a book called the boy crisis that's at the bottom of this hour. Mccheese the ground, I want to start the store you gave you earlier with Rick to Santa's, the governor of Florida making a decision that is the polar opposite of Gavin Newsom did in California. About sanctuary cities. And then I wanna move into what the Obama administration, it's Devon reveal the Obama administration deleted a bunch of very important information and speeches from the ice website, Gration customs enforcement website right before the inauguration of President Trump's. Let's start with the with the sanctuary city thing, if you don't mind, okay? From the blaze Florida governor Ron to Santa say, Republicans signed a Bill Friday, basic Richardson is Ron, okay. Go ahead. Rick signed a Bill Friday, banning sanctuary cities in a state, according to the center for immigration studies. They're currently no sanctuary cities in state of Florida. But alachua county has declared itself to be a sanctuary county, Saint Petersburg, mayor Rick Christmas said the February two thousand seventeen blog post, he would have no hesitation in declaring Saint Petersburg, a sanctuary from harmful federal immigration laws, and, but a spokesman clarified a few days later, that he had meant only that it was a sanctuary in spirit at the sheriff of Pinellas county, which includes Saint Petersburg added. The county was not, and will not be a sanctuary county for people who commit crimes regardless of statements made for political purposes on Friday sent to sign the Bill, that would require state entities, local government entities and law enforcement agencies to use best efforts to support the enforcement of federal immigration law. Also specifically calls out unlawful sanctuary policies at a Santa said the law was the interest of public safety, adding that without the Bill illegal immigrants could commit crimes, and then just walk out the door and continue to do it. This was something that the Santa's had promised during his campaign and estimated. Two hundred thousand illegal immigrants live in the state of Florida. You wouldn't know this not criticizing just helping it. So let ya okay. So descente says, we're not having that here. And for those who don't know a sanctuary city or county or state in California is proud to be a sanctuary state for some reason that just means that they're not gonna work with federal authorities. It assisting the capture of those who are criminally entering the country. They're literally going to cut off ties with federal authorities who are trying to uphold our laws of this land, and keeping us safe at the motor. If you stop somebody in California, you can't ask if they're here they're citizens. You can ask if they're here legally, you can ask where they're from. You can't ask anything and available speak a lick of English. And there, there's somebody who clearly is not from this country because they're going to be getting at all. You're not from here. You're not allowed to ask anything. You're not allowed to exhibit any, they don't have driver's license that what you're gonna do. I've heard many stories at a so-called sanctuary areas where people don't have licenses. They don't have insurance and because they can't even. Verify who they are the police, their hands are tied. They just let them go. Have a nice one. You take care now when they should be hold off the jail. A very small amount of investigation would in fact show that many of these people are here illegally. Now, I thought I carry willing to be wrong about this one, I'm wrong about anything else, but willing to be wrong about this one. Even less than an hour to you. Vacation can you take this the snark off, please? You be nice for for. The cameras on me and say my expression. Oh, yes. Okay. Recording it. When it comes to what people can or can't do they pull somebody over. I it's, it's nuts to me. They literally, they just they shut off the ability, and I thought that all police agencies. Police officers were sworn in on the constitution. Aren't they? They're not. I thought they were. And if they are that, that means that they're swearing in to uphold the laws of the land, and not just the county or the city or the state, but the land now again, I have never been sworn in as a police officer. I wanted to be wrong. Maybe there's an individual's swearing in for for different police agencies. But if you're a police officer in California, you're sworn into the constitution of the United States. You swear to uphold that comes the tuition. What are we talking about here? Why is there a separation of? Law enforcement nationally. And locally. There shouldn't be right. It's the weirdest thing it's the strangest thing I've seen. And yes, there are different dynamics like in Texas. If you get caught with a very small amount of marijuana, it's a felony. In some states like California and Colorado. You can have it for recreational use, and it's not a problem at all. So there are different laws. I get that. But the constitution doesn't cover drug user or levels of, of illegality or legality of drugs. So that is up to local municipalities. The is clear on immigration, and naturalization at if you're sworn in on the constitution, you are agreeing to uphold those laws yet. California is proud to turn a blind eye. Well, Florida now, I think makes run to scientists makes the right move. And he says, you know what we have to do this, because I know there are some counties that are knowing the laws, and they're not working with law enforcement. Interesting move for me. But again, it's one of those that I don't think it should be necessary. Now, let's, let's go from that story to one that Brian sent a while ago, which is about with the Obama administration. I guess this this website says it has proof that the Obama administration like wiped the website before it left helping hundred sources from fast company in the last hour of the Obama administration's time in office staffers at immigration and customs enforcement removed hundreds of speeches and testimonies dating back to two thousand four from the agency's website, according to a watchdog group at the transcripts contain prepared remarks submitted a congressional committees often controversial topics like the standard of medical treatment for detainees at treatment, unaccompanied, children sanctuary cities, drug trafficking, and e-verify. That's according to the sunlight foundations, a web integrity project at the groups that they were removed between the early afternoon of January eighteenth and late evening of January nineteenth in two thousand seventeen mere hours before the inauguration of Donald Trump, quote with a couple of clicks of a mouse access to a federal government web. Resource containing twelve years of primary source materials on ISIS history was lost the group in a blog post. I given the heated coverage of the immigration crisis the Mexican border. It's notable that the script speeches included. Testimony from Thomas Homan than executive assistant director of enforcement and removal operations. It was appointed acting director of ice by President Trump's soon after his inauguration in February two thousand sixteen statement to the Senate Judiciary committee, about the unaccompanied children crisis home described how the agency used contractors to effectuation the transportation of UC unaccompanied children, Andy tell the important steps. The Obama administration had taken to deter legal immigration in another transcript from the sign home, described how local jurisdictions that chose to limit or decline cooperation with ice, put the public at risk as the web integrity project notes considering the partisan wrangling over the immigration crisis. It's not inconceivable that outgoing democratic administration might one of preserving these public stances for future scrutiny. But it remains unclear why those transcripts were removed. I rep for ice did not return a request for comment, some, the transcripts were available elsewhere online, such as the government publishing office and the department of homeland security, but others were not. And this unlike foundation found that quote, we were unable to track down a large number of the speeches detailing efforts in this spreadsheet and emphasizing the importance of web archiving by outgoing administrations. So if I'm to understand the correctly again. I'm all for you. Correct me if I'm wrong. It sounds like Obama on his way out knew that what he had done, and I guess George W Bush done for him because he said back two thousand four right? He knew that there was an alignment on left and right. Democrat and Republican on how important it wasn't secure the border. It sounds like there was agreed on how we should treat unaccompanied children. Now how you treat people violating the law by coming across. It sounds to me like they were afraid and again, please, I'm not being sarcastic. Tell me from wrong. It sounds like they agree. They being the Obama administration and the Democrats and the left with what this president is saying, but if they're seeing through these speeches and through these documents online to have agreed that they have no leverage, and calling him a racist or whatever. My hearing you, right? Right. Right. Describe how local jurisdictions that chose to limit or decline cooperation with ice, put the public at risk, and that was the Obama administration. Wow. The Obama administration, basically according to this report. Said sanctuary cities were bed. That it was actually hurtful to their communities by not cooperating with ice. My hearing it right? Yes. I mean bet that is a, it's a landmine that's, that's a blockbuster's with that is that's huge. Eight eight nine four one pags, edit eight nine four one seven two four seven. Do you have a better understanding of what a sanctuary city is? And what are your thoughts when you hear that the Obama administration on the way out allegedly wiped clean the speeches? That would have proven that there was an alignment between left and right. When it came to our borders and immigration ended, eight nine four one pags, joepags dot com..

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