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House going. All right. Welcome back. Everybody. My little diatribe for the day. And let's go to the calls. Let's go to what Chuck online one has been very very patient. I gotta get take my meds today. Hey, Chuck, how you doing your other day Connery show. Happy sunday. Happy Sunday, Dan, thanks for taking the call you and are doing a wonderful job. I just wanted to tell you that worked for poking party in the phone sand. Not me people answering the phones, so even get O'Connell standard, Donald's recommendations, go on Facebook and Email, and that's been that's what I've been doing. Getting a lot of responses, and I suggest everybody else do the same for Lia book. Mary Scott Walker Jim Sensenbrenner chill. Sanfilippo? Brad, Schimmel Inga read all away and. You know, I gotta tell you that got streetcar thing was funny. Thank you. The streetcars car, right? I had was back in the fifties. And we're going back to the fifties. Well, I, you know, I hope it works. I'm not going to sit here and rail against something we're committed at this point. It doesn't work in the snow. Yeah. Research. They're gonna have a tough time in the snow. Listen anybody's gone with trolleys and light rail. They don't pay for themselves the twin cities and Sacramento. The gone light rail. It never pays for itself. And never comes back turns into a free ride, metaphorically speaking. It's Chuck it is what it is. So what are you? How what's the what's the vibe? You're getting from some of the calls that you do get the emails or positive as well. And I I get a few negative things on Facebook. But we re bundled them. And hopefully convince them we get some positive calls in a few negative one. All right. Well, it's not like Lee is not working out there, man. She's she's she's traveling all over the state choosing platform this morning, and it was snowing. So God bless her bless her heart. I'm not going out there. So hard, Dan. Yeah. And sorta Scott Scott all of them, Scott. Walker Leofoo Khmer Glenn growth. Yanga? It's you know, you look at the state of Wisconsin. Now, we're ready to absorb success. We're ready to embrace success. You the way they're talking down. Fox Foxconn is just it's addictive of. If it was their idea would have been genius. If they were in office would have been the greatest thing of all time is a no brainer. It's a positive thing for the greatest thing in history for Wisconsin. Yup. It's chuck. I appreciate your call today and keep up the good work. And you know, we'll talk next week. And we'll we'll see how it all goes, brother. I appreciate it. And you have a great day. Let's I wanna read some. Oh, sorry. Jeff, gordon. I just have a quick question. Sure can help me out here. So let's just say governor Walker doesn't win Ken, Ken, FOX. Can they stop FOX Connor? I was going to happen regard. Everything's signed sealed and delivered it said job fairs are taking place. So where did they get off saying that that Galway where does it? What are the Democrats get off saying that we're going to get rid of it? How can how can you say that? Then. Let's say you, let's say you're gonna get democrat legislature in Madison. They could certainly start at that creating a oppressive economic legislation to take away incentives here in the state of Wisconsin. So, you know, all the the deals up front, and again, we're not with not a dime came out of our coffers here, we're offering incentives to get the man and get get to hiring and the job fairs, and I believe the oblique economy that's gonna take place the mom and pop operations supply operations. You can't even count that yet. I think they're going to be pretty massive in numerous. So again, if you vote democrat, I don't know what you're voting for a you're you're voting for failure. You're voting for taking away you're voting for shutting down success. I mean, that's that's all I can see I don't care if you don't like the Republican representatives. I don't care if you like you don't like Donald Trump. Do you think his? His his platform. Do you think what he wants to get done for the country has been very pro America. And he made a comment the other day. Well, if the Democrats win you're going to work with the democratic house. Yeah. Sure. I'll give it a shot. At the end of the day. If that's what you base your criticism on your invested in Trump hatred. That's where you're at right now. It's like the people have jumped on the fake. I iphone story. His phone calls getting tracked. Yeah. Yeah. It was a lie. But how many people didn't hesitate to jump on the hate Waggin? Because it was a story plows tied shuttle a job..

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