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So you know he said gold as a hedge against inflation and and I believe that it is it is something that it's a head against a hedge against inflation but it's also a hedge against insanity so the world has gone insane and more trouble is expected around the corner the Dow is down but it was earlier this morning about four hundred points why is that well this is because of the corona virus but there's something else when stocks go down and people become afraid gold goes up gold is up to now since last week because of the corona virus it's up twelve percent I I want you to get involved and it least consider gold if you have money in your IRA if you have money sitting there you can actually move it part of it into gold I have been a ten percent in gold that's what that's what I think you should have but that's my opinion I want you to call the experts at gold line they're waiting for your call right now eight six six gold line call them just ask them about the information tell him that you know I sent you and and they'll tell you why I buy gold you know the way I do but I II I just think the man at the world stops going insane is the minute all stop telling you you know you should really look at gold because the more insane the country in the world goes seems the higher the price of gold goes go there now gold line Goldline dot com eight six six gold line one eight six six Goldline listening to climb back you were listening to news radio WFLA.

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