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I give you a heavier chunks of texts to review. Which is you know something. You actually said you like to work. Chris i think we we. We got along this process and giving writing a book with forehands. Give a sense of commitment motivation and you know way freedom because of the creativity and so the learning process was quite interesting for for me. Yeah yeah i think man. I look at people think that writing article is one time job. You drive in one hour and unite forty or fifty article. You can publish a book. That's the perception that they have but it's not as simple as that. It's about making them connected than slow. Yeah exactly it's very different process and you have to get along if you're not the only ron writing the article as well indeed. That's also the compliment data delayed so very important. I was also sept ical. And i just do go on but it worked well as you said talking on on dead because it's about privacy. I mean people's tend to see them as some of them. Some of them zaid's fold more than people who saved foes the. Why should somebody read this book from your perspective. As a question we can start with technical profile of a reader Because you. I think you have to be curious. You want to learn about i in privacy. What is it about these two concepts that that you've heard in the news in some conversations but you haven't had the time yet to take a closer look at our say you should the book because you like to read a little bit of theory because it's important you know as a foundation for action. But you're also doer. So you wanna find out more concretely. How he can improve things saying your organization so in this book. I think you'll get both parts and you also get a balanced perspective. Which which could you know angle to help you. Make sure that you have less of a subjective judgment of what it's about and because we're trying to reconcile those two concepts that are often opposed in the debate. And so now we're saying you know both of those things and privacy are in the world now you can do one without doing the other. So that's the way forward. And i think that's Yeah few of the reasons and another one may be. I may is that question of responsibility. environment that's harder to navigate a is crucial for businesses You have to use to compete So your.

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