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Talking little mountain west football with none other than the lead anchor of the amount west now. We're jesse kurtz jesse my friend. It was it was a pretty wild week in football in general but especially for the mountain west conference. Yeah was it was not only a wild weekend But it was fun and it was fruitful. I mean when you got you. A couple of teams who fancy themselves. Top twenty five and and championship contenders. Then go and beat a team like utah and fresno state go into the rose bowl and and Handle ucla once again You know there's a lot of things to be excited about and to open up conference play the way that we did With some fun exciting shootout in colorado springs There were a few games left on the table. But that's going to happen each and every week but we're certainly excited about the direction of of the league and the excitement of week three and and you look at fresno state with this conference. Let's talk about them. As you mentioned what a crazy back and forth game with crazy win late. Jake hainer. I mean more. Can you say about this bulldog. I mean this team. They're looking pretty darn good jumping up there as you said in that top twenty five twenty two so so far so extremely good for fresno state. Yeah and what i like about. Fresno state is doing all sides of football. I mean jake hainer. Outstanding week playing basically on one leg looked like those for three fifty plaza game winning touchdown with fourteen seconds to go but man they spread it out they can hit you in so many different directions one. That's running backs in the league. And ronnie rivers jalen cropper. Certainly looking like he is in all conference caliber wide receiver jordan. Men's kelly. i mean you could go across the board and talk about the offense of weapons that they have but then the defense You know is is opportunistic. They force turnovers. They're fast And caylin the bore. All of a sudden is is a is a guy that's being talked about nationally is who is this guy and you know i. Is he the next guy to to get a big job. I saw his name connected to the usc job now just as they speculatory You know speculating. Just about maybe. Could he be the guy in in You know that southern california area would he But that just speaks to what he's doing and you know what he's done since he's been there in raising the profile of fresno state once again back to a prominent program in america so it's fun to watch that program rise again and have the success but they're doing it on all sides of the football with a really good players and good kids and ask them explore as you said explosive offensive..

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