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Ira's or to speak with a birch gold representative today with ten thousand customers an a plus rating with better business bureau and countless five-star reviews birch goal can help you to tech newt two four seven four seven four seven and invest in gold before. It's too late at children's national hospital. Everything we do is just for kids. Our top ranked specialists are here for kids of all ages from babies. Who need help. Before they're even born to teens and young adults are pediatric together to diagnose problems quickly and thoroughly and use treatments designed exclusively for growing children with convenient locations. All across the dc metro area find specialist today at children's national dot org slash stronger illinois along parallel line was the whole blow up about the nba. And i think it's the houston general manager. Who tweeted something. In favor of hong kong within hours. The beijing regime was on the move and applying such enormous pressure to the nba. That they just crumbled. It was almost embarrassing. How rapidly they backpedaled. Apologized is that what we should expect more of in the future. Well i actually hope we don't. But i think we will and that was actually as crazy as it seems. That was the moment that really awoken me to the fact that wow what was i doing. The last twenty years was i engaged in the same kind of behavior is something we need to change. In fact at that moment. I just got back from china co hosting a trip through the us asia institute for three house members. It was an kirkpatrick a representative and can patrick. From arizona dina titus from nevada and alan lowenthal from each and we had met with carrie lam and we had met with protesters in hong kong. And we also were up in beijing and hurt all the party lines about various different policies issues and i came back and i was pitching publishers. The idea of this book and lo and behold fight for freedom stand with hong kong. That tweet comes out from a man. I had never heard his name before but he was the gm of the houston rockets in the second. I saw that tweet which was forwarded to me by somebody. I said oh no the nba in a lot of trouble in the guy who sent it to me said well. Why is that. And i said well houston. Rockets are the biggest branded team in china. Why is that. Because yao ming played for them and he was their stellar player. Coming from the homeland. What i didn't see. And i predicted it right that that was going to be a big issue for the nba in china. In fact it's still an issue philadelphia. Seventy sixers which is where. Daryl morey now is the president and gm is if they don't exist in china they are not aired. There's no merchandise on store shelves over there and that's all because of what he tweeted out that day in october of two thousand nineteen but what was interesting to me is that was easy to predict the repercussions for the nba. What wasn't easy to predict was the bumbling and fumbling that the nba had in regards to what their position was with. Daryl morey freedom of speech rights that he exercised outside of china number one and number two was the reaction of journalists politicians and american citizens over that. Bumbling fumbling with super loud and vocal. It was as if everybody Finally got awoke into the problem that we have with the current engagement of us china relationship and it was something that i could feel. A groundswell was saying. Hey it's time to change this and that is the moment where i said. Oh my god. I wanna bring to life in a book how we got here in engaging and entertaining way and also lead forward some ideas of how we can change. This moving forward wasn't some of it. A little bit inevitable. Just because of the sheer scale of their market well is all about the sheer scale. The market i mean if you go back to the while even kissing her nixon days just opening up dialogue with that country than seventy nine sort of really starting doing gauge in trade and then the moment that tnn square occurred which by the way. You're not even allowed to talk about in any form content when it comes to china and they don't want that in any form of content even if it's not even playing in china but the square june four nineteen eighty nine moment and the reaction of the business lobby shortly thereafter of. Hey you know what that's behind us. Now let's continue. The engagement of china was the perfect example of everybody in the business side. The capitalistic side of the equation. Going you know what we can look past. What's happening in china because that market is.

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