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Behind the net flicks phenomena coal solaire as somebody suggested. The mark spinoff should be leuchter. Bridge bike exchange. I think it's all about. The personality is behind the camera. Early days back in two thousand twelve. When dan jones had the idea for backstage pass he was one of that might anyway. Just z boy. Who's pretty cruzi. And and we we sort of trusted that he would never put anything out that you know. Pat always says something. We shouldn't have or something like that so we had full trust in now in that and we're trying to promote the team we're not trying to Trying to look for juicy stories or try and make some controversy or anything like that. It's just trying to tell story of of what you know what. It's most the time walking within the team and Now he's sam finding in. Who's taking over from dan johns. It's the same thing you know. He's just a good block and we trust him that he's He's putting out the the rodney image for the team. And and like you know it's pretty much Is always own show but You know it's nothing really the hard that's what we wanted to show that Chemi quote robotic cycling. Sometimes and. there's nothing really to hide. He's a lot of good personalities within the sport from south all the way through to the top rods. And that's what we wanted to show and We're pretty open attain and so they have the cameras on on the message. Of course you know. People want to fans say the roar emotion you know and that's good or for bad. I think it's a good thing to sort of like you know. This is the reality of it. You know we lose or draw. This is the reality of Cycling it's it's sort of we you lose lose more races than you win. So you know the roller coasters real and Take everyone onto that. Raw with us and That's what we're trying to show yeah. I think recycling it's something that's still you know with the with the movie star one. I think it's still an open market there. There's still a lot of good stories to be told so. Hopefully in the future we can have more publicity for cycling. And hopefully the teams can generate some revenue and we don't have to rely so much on the sponsorship delay. Would you like to see a cycling drive to survive understand.

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