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Uh there are so many contributors to this title. So many people that stepped up that maybe you didn't even think we're going to have a big impact. But at the center of it all again, putting Vasi aside in his tremendous contributions, it felt like Kucherov was the catalyst. No, no, no question. The fact that could be able to come back from me hip surgery that kept him out the entire season. Yeah, to be able to perform at the level that he performed to leave everybody in points in the NHL. Then along with Brayden Point to lead everybody in gold, scorch it. The coach is by far John Cooper sent it. You can put five players names in the hat of the greatest players in the world and coaches in that conversation. He's one of those five. But you put him together with breaking points and they are magic. I Those two players together are two guys worth the price of admission every night to see hockey game. Uh and they give us a chance to be better than everybody else every night, But you look down the line that the contributions you talked about the Tyler Johnson, Uh, the Matthew Joseph John Ruedas, the guys that are on the first line. Those are the guys that are responsible, and John Cooper was asked. What's the biggest moment that you'll take away from this game tonight? He said. The number one moment that sticks out to me was when Barkley good girl went down and block that shot. It went off the ice hurt. And then what, then and still never met the ship. That's what the guys did. They sold out because they realized how important it in while and then is Alex Cora, who told us last night in the postgame good leg. Oh, Fibula, blocking a shot three games ago. Had surgery already tried to state the last two days had trouble what was preparing to come back for Game seven, if you know because he didn't want to see the guys lose So he was saying they better win tonight and I'm coming back if they don't and that's the first time any of us heard anything. He doesn't disclose injuries actually lower body upper body Whatever. Outscored like now broken table is already had surgery. That's a hockey player for you, man. That's hockey player. Absolutely, and that puts us run was about why it was about selling out. It was a part block of a shock that was about Playing her and Nikita Kucherov. He was the target as anybody when he came back, and he was fresh. Um, but there's no question guys were trying to take him out. Because he was between him and breaking point, John Cooper says. It's the straw that serves the lightning drink Those two guys. Hopefully, we'll be here for a long time. But comedy matter what happens to this team next year. You got your core point, Pooch, Hedman that C um A stammer. If he decides think you're picked up will continue to play. I think they're going to be in pretty good shape for for another couple years. Bay News nine sports anchor and host of Spectrum Sports. 3 60, Mike, Karen's You can follow him on Twitter. Some really great videos from last night, Mike Cairns, five. Is Hank and find the mic Really great to talk to you. Thanks so much for jumping on. You know, throughout this this playoff run this title run. And we're going to have to talk to you again, coming up soon and get a sense as to whether or not the lightning can do it again. A three peat, But thanks for coming on tonight, we appreciate it any time, but you know that all right coming up next. We'll continue with more talk about the Tampa Bay Lightning Second Stanley Cup title. We're going to talk to Greg Wyshynski, senior NHL writer for ESPN. He wrote a really interesting piece on the Lightning. So it gets that in a moment, Keep it. Air 2021 is the 25th anniversary of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the last comprehensive update to Internet regulation..

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