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Clash yourself up bitch. Weird segment title. Normally, I'm aggressive. I know right. Normally, I'm street. Rap guy may hip hop. Head same love rap foreign away, my favorite number one choice of musical genre. If I'm picking right AJ same boat. Yeah. Same up me, probably more. So than you, honestly feels like knock not all in plan plant, but even I from time to time in this. Probably Jay feels that way. I enjoyed classing it up bit. I get it. Like, a a different cultural vibe going several times a day like seeing things from a different perspective. And I mean that in the sense that is not uncommon for me to be listening to something like nipsy hustlers zero. And then the next song will be like from the prince of Egypt or phantom of the opera. Like, I've got an extremely weird taste in music. I've touched on it before many many times am of the opera. Yeah. Yeah. There's a few Bob's on there. Are you a fan of the the play also or the movie it I'll say this? It's not cats. It's not shit. Not my favorite. It. But it's not cats. Cats is the bottom les mis the top phantoms somewhere in the middle. If you're making me I can agree with rate operas now. Yeah. Anyway, I like to get a little culture. I liked to get a little different perspective of going on in my musical tastes, especially it's one of the easier ways to do that in one of the ways I do that is by going in hard and turning up to opera songs. Two of them in particular, straight up like not musical things. We were discussing where musicals these are straight opera songs if two songs. Okay. Nessun Dorma is the first one and the second one called o solo meal. Right. The those are talion words all those words, they're they're -talian. You uncultured American swine either, poverty or Pacelli. Okay. Either Luchino Pavarotti or undre Shelly can be singing either these songs, it doesn't matter which version is long as it's one of those two dudes playing either one of these two songs, I can get high. To it. Now. I a lot of you were like what the fuck do. This is weird I'm skipping through the segment, fifteen seconds. Fifteen seconds, fifteen seconds fine. But you're missing out get in the fucking shower tomorrow morning. Turn on Nessun Dorma, tell me by the middle of that thing. You're not turned tell me by the middle of that. You're not ready to beat the fuck out of that day. Do the same thing with solo MIO. I promise you like this is not no cap. I don't know anything about rap. I don't know dick about classical music or upper really, I do know stuff about rap. So I misspoke there about opera, but there are two opera songs that I will go hard to and these are them. What is the what's the opera song that will Ferrell sings at the Catalina wine mixer instead brothers because I like that song that's Nessun Dorma. I think. That's one of the. You're talking about swear to God. Yeah. Let me. That's one of your favorite songs because I actually enjoy that too. I'm pretty shelter that movie. I'm pretty sure that oh he sings poor Tiv Laura apparently at the Catalina wine mixer, and then he sings Andrea Bocelli is contact party Tero. Are you familiar with those? They all sound about like these two I'm naming okay for the untrained year. If it sounds like that, and I'll listen to. Yeah. Damn I coulda sworn. It was one of mine that I love that. He's saying that Catalina wine makes you great call back to that scene. That's funny ass fucking seen that movie as a whole that move is a top five for me of all comedies. Yeah. I I I don't know. I don't know what my ranking would be. But that's definitely up there. It's in my top. Talladega nights also up there to have a couple of welfare movies on my like the combination..

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