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I'm Tiki barber. I had a a beef. But it was the thing last night. So I'm surfing Instagram. And I always look at Instagram to see who they take pictures of people. They post whatever Dickey was great. You know, me and my wife went to kinky boots last night. I was actually really good show took a picture with one of the actors. And so I'm searching the. This guy this kid JJ posted a picture posted. He's like he was great. It was great to see the show. So I liked it. Then I'm scrolling down a little bit. And I see this other one it's a picture of me and Ron day after my last game against day. Here giant stadium. Tampa Bay Buccaneers played against the against the giants were both in uniform were hugging each other. I'm like, oh, that's a cool picture. I click on it. I'm getting ready to like it getting ready to like it. And then I read it, and it's it's a it's a blue checked Instagram account, and it's NBC Philly NBC Philly, and they're knocking us why. Because me and Ron day are calling the buccaneers eagles gave this weekend. And they basically say put your TV's on mute because the barber's are calling the buccaneers and the eagles like we're going to be biased make a little bit. But be biased come on. I got nothing. But respect for eagles fans. The second hate respect relationship. Always joke. You guys hate rendezvous more than me. So respect me. But come on that was low blow just wanted to let you know eagles fans. I saw that trying to throw some hate out at me. I do my job. Right. You play. Great football. You get great commentary. He played like trash like he'd take week. What? You gotta get that as well. You're a better man than I because I was calling a patriots or dolphins game. I'd be pooping all over. Well. Here's the thing. And this is what I actually wrote back. I said I said, I think come on man, right nothing, but respect and also my quarterback from the university of Virginia one of the iconic moments in Virginia history is when you VA beat Florida state in the driving rain in nineteen ninety five when four to state was ranked number one I had three hundred and eleven all purpose yards and one hundred ninety three rushing yards. And my quarterback that day was might grow. Who was the offense coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles? So it can't be that much. Hey is wa who love eight five five two one two four two two seven. Let's get to Tom up in Michigan talking about the Buffalo Bills. And see what else they might be thinking throughout this season and next off season. What do you got forest, Tom? Just my take on the bus. The situation and specifically Nate Peterman what that offensive line did any any favors was horrible. It was horrible. Neither did that live receiving through claiming when you're Calvin you mentioned long wide receiver. You can't expect a lot. Yeah. Play was hobbled with bad knees. Running backs or kind of in their twilight of their careers with Shawn. Sean. I just think that that that's an office building ear kind of going to the same way. The jets did last year. You know, get rid of heavy salary cap seeking the effective. No, you're right. But you're right. And and and I get that. And that's understandable. But the pro-, and that's probably why they traded away AJ McCarron. They didn't get a big drought. What did they get back for him? Like a six round or something. I can't remember what they got back for him. There's nothing crazy. 'cause the the Oakland Raiders didn't take any of the salary. Most of the the burden is still on the Buffalo Bills will clear the book fifth round draft pick. They got a for AJ McCarron some Abiola build a little bit off of that trade. But my problem is that the fact that they're doing that. My problem is that they're going to put Josh Allen out there just to quote learn and he's gonna get beat to crap. Right. There's so many lessons of this not working that it bothers me. I get why you get rid of AJ McCarron. You saw in training camp. You see it as they go through the drills, and we don't have we don't have the team, you know, age as you know, he wants to be a starter. He wants to be a player this could get little troublesome. Let's get some assets for him while we can as we're going to rebuild, but we'll keep Peterman, and he can be the guy that just gets gets beat. Around for a little bit. Maybe Josh how can you know, get some spot duty here. But to now start him in create this expectation that that he's actually going to be able to figure it out. It's just it's false. Right. It's a false narrative and it puts Josh Allen a bad situation because he's gonna look ugly and they're going to lose badly. I mean, how they got beat forty seven to three and a Baltimore baby has a better defense. And we want to give them credit for their offense is definitely better than we give them credit for the top ten last year were they ninth or something last year. So but still forty seven to three ten first downs. That's not correcting itself. Let's go to Alabama us get Derek on Tiki and Tierney here on CBS sports radio. Derek? What do you think? I think they should have kept tyrod Taylor. And I think that they should upset Josh Allen for a year because I don't think he's ready to play. Yeah. I think you're right. I don't I don't know why they wanted to get rid of tyrod Taylor. I mean, and maybe the contract was punitive. I gotta go relook at it. But tyrod Taylor is the right vet. Yeah. He knows how to play in that bad situation. And maybe he can teach Josh Allen some things, you know. You know what I mean? Yeah. And this week they play the chargers and ended offensive line is he's gonna get beat up. You. Remember what happened last year Derek right last year against the chargers? Obviously it wasn't. It wasn't Josh Allen. It was Nate Peterman. Who was also a rookie last year and not prepared for the past rush that the chargers do Adam he threw five interceptions. And they were all every one of them was ugly. I think one was tip. So I give them exonerate him of one, but all of them were ugly. It just you. Don't learn from those situations. Right. You learn when you have some success. Yes. Here's some success there. You know, maybe make a bad play. Go to the sideline your office coordinator QB coach tells you, you know, do this next time or or make sure you take the check down in that situation when you go out there, and you just get. Shh. Shh walloped like Nate Peterman. Did you don't learn from that? And that's my fear which Josh Allen. He's not going to learn from these opportunities or from this opportunity. That's coming his way. Let's go to Tim who's out in up in Canada. Tim, what do you think? Man. I think how you doing. I am well yourself. I love you. I'm doing great. Thank you, sir. Okay. So I'm just looking at the fact that the jets had Bridgewater, and I'm thinking maybe they traded him a bit too early. Yeah. And at the Bill could have benefited greatly from getting rid of Taylor. Yeah. But if you're but hold on hold on, Tim. If you're the jets are you trading in division. Are you doing that? That's exactly what I was going to point out as well as that. Yeah. It's not really a good idea to do that. However seeing as though that they may have benefited with more draft picks higher draft pick. So more desperation benefited both. Yeah. Yeah. Appoint him. More desperation leads to to better draft picks. But here's the, but, but but the here comes the issue if you get teddy Bridgewater, and I'm still kind of undecided about teddy. I got like him a lot as a person we've talked about this many times, you meet them and you just drawn to him. And you want them to be successful. But teddy Bridgewater might might might might have the ability to be a viable quarterback in the National Football League. Right. Otherwise, the saints don't go get him. The jets traded him down to the saints for for its twenty one thousand nine hundred sixth round pick in two thousand nineteen third round pick for third round pick. But they also gave up a six round pick. So they get a third round pick. They give petty and a six round peg to the saints now for the saints. It kind of makes sense because they're going to figure this out as well. Drew Brees can only play so long. Well, he's only going to be able to be ageless and tho- for forty eight hundred yards to five thousand yards so many more. So many more years not to mention his contract, which was always punitive to the to the for capris. But teddy Bridgewater might be the perfect heir apparent for the New Orleans Saints. But if he would have been traded to the to the bills, I think he would want to be the starter and creates a weird dynamic. It's an interesting thought, I think it's a it's a it's a better dynamic where he's the heir apparent as opposed to the competition for the guy who drafted to be your franchise quarterback because teddy hasn't proven that. He's neat that he's either one way or the other right hasn't proven that he's you know, not a franchise quarterback. But he has proven that. He's you know, a franchise quarterback yet. It's just there's a lot going on with teddy Bridgewater blessed. Good. That's a good thought. Let's go down to Tampa. I'll be down there in a couple of days. Bruce, what's up? Bruce. Welcome to Tiki and Tierney CBS sports radio. How you don't? I am. Well, many you sound like clear crystal clearly what a studio or something. I know I'm just in my house. I'm right. Everything down. I feel like there's so much to go over. Yeah. Go ahead, man. Let's hear it. You know, we've got no veteran presence on the bench. Yup. I mean, there's nothing there. And you know, I would think that that would probably be important bringing in a rookie quarterback. Yeah. Don't move. Paramount man, it's paramount because you can listen to a coach for a little while. But eventually it doesn't stop thinking in because the coach has all of this information in his head, and he wants you to absorb it. But you're absorbing it at a different rate than he's teaching it. And the only way to bridge that gap is to have a vet who pulls you aside says, hey, this is this is what he's trying to say. Let's organize it this way. It's a great point. There's nobody there. So who's he gonna learn from other than the coach? What were we thinking? I mean, we moved up to get him. We could've forget that broS and we could have possibly used. It's on a picks that we had to maybe move up and get darnold. Yeah. There were Tana QB's in free agency. But not only that it's the moves that they've made and we brought in Matthew's last year. We brought in McCarron. He's gone yet. RV gone gone. You're right. I mean, I'm scratching my head over these moves, Bruce. That's my point. There's no plan. Yeah. Because we we fell into the playoffs. Yes. One other thing though, I heard something the other day it said we have fifty or ninety million going into next year. And that money, you know, I it does that mean we have that money to go after free agents. No I'd have to look sample. Can you look on on on over the cap or spell trek will quickly so dead money means it's money? That's already accounted for in the cap and that happens, Bruce because what you were just talking about. Right. You have a long term deal with Saint Marcel. Darius Dario, actually, I forgot his Dr. Yes, I learned that it's not Darius. It's Dari is this week because he's now with the Jacksonville Jaguars. But that that money that he was owed or at least pro rated out over his deal..

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