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Do you have a four ocean bracelet. I got one. I got the jellyfish bracelet a team of this this year and I got that by signing the four ocean. Pledge Book there to do one thing to protect the ocean environment but just what is for Ocean to unique organization and they have a simple purpose and that is in the ocean plastic crisis. And how did they want to do this. I just cleaning the ocean and the coastline and second stopping the inflow of plastic based on changing consumer habits. It's an organization nation founded on optimism. The founders are a couple of guys Andrew Cooper and Alex Schultz and they started for ocean in January of two thousand seventeen. It's a global organization that is trying to attack the plastic crisis from all angles. There's a couple apple youtube videos out there by the founders Andrew and Alex and I'll post those on the Scuba Shack Radio facebook page later so you'll have an opportunity to take a look at them Andrew and Alex our college friends and surfers when they were on a surf trip of a lifetime to Bali and got there and they were disappointed with all the plastic that was on the beach so they asked the locals about why didn't clean the beach. The response it was they had they'd cleaned beach but so much came right back in. Its place so they wanted to do something about it. They created the business model where they would sell bracelets and for each bracelet that they sold. They would pledge to remove one pound of trash from the ocean or coastline navy do this by paying workers to fund cleanups and then they could also make donations to other organizations stations that needed scale in their cleanup efforts. Now it is not a non nonprofit organization organization and it does not accept donation it is funded exclusively by the four ocean products. That they sell right now. There are over twenty different bracelets that you can get is that each bracelet has a different colored lanyard that represents something in the marine world for example. There's a bracelet for the Manta Ray Bracelet for the sharks for the everglades for the dolphins jellyfish. One I just mentioned the seahorse you can see them all when their website. I think I'm trying to decide. What is the next bracelet that I wanNA get approximately sharks? Maybe that's the one that I'll go for. They also sell products hats and t shirts and they're all cotton ought not so there's no synthetic or micro fibers to pollute the ocean. If you look out there they also sell drink wear reusable the Yeti tumblers ambler bottles. I guess the good news is those are sold out so It's making a difference. There's also single use alternatives. There are a reusable Chico bag that you can get from four ocean as well one of the other things. It's pretty interesting is you can can go and look at their tracker and they show the amount of trash that they have removed from the ocean since two thousand seventeen they. They removed seven point four million pounds of trash from the ocean coastline. You can also look at what's been done weekly now. They operate out of the US. In Florida Haiti and Indonesia also was really cool was when we were down. Dima Patti hit teamed up with four ocean so patty for Ocean project aware all working together to help sustain the oceans. So I encourage you to go take a look at the four ocean. Website support them. They're a not a nonprofit profit they don't accept donations and they really are making a difference looking forward to my next bracelet.

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