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I can always see the same mistakes but it by the way i made all of them like every single one you could imagine i made. I'm sure i'm still making some. But i'm much better than i was when i started so i would say. Read all the craft books listening to podcasts. Like this you know. In in learn learn the craft itself because a lot of editors will only read the first couple of paragraphs and if they see a couple rookie mistakes. And they're they're done. You're starting with backstory or one of the million. They're they're done so you can you. That's something you just learned not to do it. It's it's pretty easy to do. So i i read probably a craft book every couple of months. Been doing that for years. And it's it's really helped. I've been learning from the mistakes of the masters. Which is the way to do it. Yeah yeah no need to reinvent the wheel exactly. So what's the best place for the research to find you as a on your website. Yeah have a newly designed website done by zuni. it's Jeffrey james higgins dot com j. e. f. f. r. e. y. Jane against higgins's h. I. g. g. i. n. s. dot com. And you can go there. You can see the links to my short story to make current novel. That's out there. You can read excerpts and praise. Blurbs that kind of thing in my my new books that are coming out that you can read about them as well and i have a lot of media. Appearances of special added things. i did. Related terrorism are up there too. So i hope people go and you can sign up for a newsletter. Once a month sent out a newsletter once a month. I sent out a recent blog. Update so you'll get two emails a month but you'll know whenever i'm polishing them all right awesome. Well thank you so much. Jeffrey was a a great talking to you and the furious out now. Some people should go check that out. Always aiding. I could do this all day. Thank you for listening to meet the third or author. I hope you enjoyed my conversation with one of your favorite writers of mysteries and thrillers. Or this episode's guests.

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