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The state of Washington is reopening the health insurance exchange. That's the same day a new 90 Day enrollment period for Obama care begins. President Biden issued an executive order calling for that enrollment period and wants to increase Access to health insurance during the Koven 19 outbreak. 2019 shots will be available Sunday at the Amazon meeting Center in Seattle. This will be the second time Amazon in Virginia Mason have held a pop up clinic there. It will run from a 30 in the morning till 4 30 Sunday afternoon. For more information. Coleman, who's dot com Seattle's Office of Police Accountability Mayfield fewer complaints against police officers if citizens do exactly what officers they're allowed to do, That's what the Opa is saying after a record year of complaints more from comas, Corwin hey, 19,000 complaints against Seattle officers were lodged in 2020 about 18,000 more than normal, thanks to a wild year of racial equity protests. Jennifer tippers with Opus says only 142 of those complaints are under investigation that tells her people don't always know what they have a right to complain about. She points to the know your rights campaign outlined on the open A website tries to give information to help the community understand what you would expect in an interaction with Seattle Police Department For example, it is okay for a cop to approach you and to begin asking questions. That's the job. But an officer must tell you if you're being arrested and why, and only after an arrest me that officer search you if it doesn't go, according to expectations that may help desire like if you should make a complaint Opa or not currently open on opiates list of complaint. Investigations include incidents in which officers used neck restraints or pepper spray. Other open investigations include officers who made inappropriate comments or failed to properly identify themselves. Corwin Heiko Moan in Eastern Washington. Investigators are trying to identify at least two bodies in a car and Adams County was abandoned in a fellow and had blood on the hood. Deputies found the body of one body inside the vehicle and at least another in the trunk, according to the Tri City Herald. They have not said how those people died and a gruesome discovery in a recycling plant conveyor belt yesterday, workers found a man's body. As a sort of threw items at the business in Frederickson detectives. They're still trying to determine how the person died. They're investigating where the body may have been picked up an autopsy to Beacon conducted there by the medical examiner. An amount was found shot to death overnight in Parkland. Sheriff's deputies responded to a shooting of the home on 129th Street near Pacific Avenue. And when police got there, they say they found the body of a 33 year old man in a bedroom. A gun was also found in that room. Police arrested his 32 year old wife. There was another family member inside the home at the time of the shooting, and that person was interviewed by detectives. We did ask if there were Children in the home and we're told there were not almost holy man, you know. Earlier this week, we told you about a break in on Greek row at the University of Washington in which is student was raped in her room. Most droll marina reports. There was another break in yesterday, parents have been compiling the reports on a private Facebook page that details crimes against U Dub students, particularly in Greek row. It is a very, very dangerous, scary the situation up there are kids communicate to us that they are in fear for their life. You don't police say crimes against people have held steady this school year. Burglary and trespassing are up, but bike thefts and car break ins are down. Because of covered. There's like last students around. It's like I was felt safe walking around, so I knew there was always students walking around until, like midnight. Now, there isn't some parents say the neighborhood needs more police to keep an eye on things. Almost Joel Marino Large group of homeless campers moving to Frank Gehry fields into coma and Bellingham after the city dismantled a sprawling encampment at City Hall. The city made the move earlier than expected when it learned that agitators plan to come from us far away as Portland to protest the cleanup. This is police chief flow Simon various extremist groups that wanted to be part of this protest. Some of those these folks we've seen in other protests for black lives matter or the protest down into coma, So we're expecting a crowd together. Police clashed with protesters yesterday, Four people were arrested for reckless endangerment at assault. Three officers assaulted but not seriously hurt. Today. City Hall in the library will remain closed for business because there could be more protests come on, Whose time 10 40. It's time to check in. At the peak of loving sports desk with Thomas Eric Heights, drew Timmy scored 21 points and Corey Kiss Bird had 19 for Gonzaga, which routed San Diego 90 to 62 last night, their 20th straight victory dating to last season. Was Gonzaga's 13th straight win over San Diego was well zags Women also one, beating Pacific 77 to 65. Last week. The Huskies won two games in a row for the first time this season after getting time off the play the Cougars Sunday at 5 P.m. on Montlake. The Cougars have been in a tailspin since they got off to an eight no start, dropping seven other last eight games. Both teams are now two and seven in the Pac 12 spring training assist a few weeks away for the Mariners. One player especially eager to get back on the field is outfielder Mitch Hanniger, who missed all of last year shortened season to recover from a couple of injuries. With every surgery I've had, there's always fan. You know, When you put in time over over and over and over you you'll get back there. And if you just believe that, you know you can still make you better from it. You become better from the surgeries and major league pitchers and catchers are due to report to training camps in the middle of next month. Alicia Clark of the Seattle Storm is close to signing with Washington Mystics as a free agent..

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