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Right about Brent burns. Listen, why do you think Todd McCullough Larry Robinson and j woodcraft tournament or forward because he is chaotic? As a former he was chaotic and wonderful that way because he created all kinds of chances, but they're mentally. You can't be chaotic. And I don't think Brent is is a great. He's not as cultural, and I don't mean that in a bad way. It's not like he's a guy that don't listen to coaches. I just think the more analysis he gets the more paralyzed becomes he's more free fluent. And you're right. You you take the good with the bat if if you're looking at say grants and you're thinking yourself. i'm gonna turn him into the perfect defenseman you you're not going to and as as you said gimme the points and i'll put with them all put lucrative all justin braun i'll put a good defensive defenseman with him when sanderfeld homeless was with the san jose sharks when i was coaching we used to call them on those senators because you'd be going oh no oh no yeah wait it goes sanders because you've got the hell you're doing up there at fifty seconds heat score when he got traded to call mark crawford visit head coach and my crawford brought him in defense this is sandy soils mitch santa's going to be up the ice and if you're playing defense with them you better covered his own and they wanted to stay that's that's just the way it is you know take the good they're very very good with a little bit about the puck over if he's a minus if he's if he's a minus one but he's got four points i'm taking it and angel look at his plus minus i'm not gonna really but he's eleven yeah what does tell you what you can find a lot more guys that could play alongside of him that could do it they can do what he does and the other thing about about drew doughty talking about the norris trophy and i i don't know how you're looking at him for the norris trophy for years now and actual hockey league is looked at the nose trophy winner the guy was pretty much been give you the most points from the point yeah if you go back now the last couple of years to tampa these to me the best defense in total package in the league and mark you're now in in calgary us seventy plus points and is good on both ends of the ice and that's one of the guys that doughty vote there certainly guys you can look at They play they were trying to find really their game before much when Mark got there. Now, put that second line really into it. They bring a lot of speed at you. Now, they're there they go back to what they were last year with their taxes coming at you in the waves. That that second line. I think it's a seventeen million dollars second one right now. Next year tips, a twenty one million dollars twenty two million dollars. That's that's a pretty potent second line, and they changes their power play. Now their power play comes at you. And you don't get a break from the first year to the second unit there a little bit more of that lines. A little more of a shooter line. Mark stone is really good one of the top guys in the that takeaways taking the puck, and then creating chances of it. He is a he's a game changer of a player and they play tougher heavier game. Because as you saw you can do that. But they tell you a little bit more speed now than the sharks sharks to throw speak through speed bumps in the way..

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