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You enjoy your day yeah you too thanks man wow maybe maybe it's the carbon is goes go to a restaurant or something like that instead of making reservations in Macon Turkey in Macon stuffing where to eat on thanksgiving day if you don't want to cook and you don't want to mess there are several places I would suggest that you contact them before you just show up at Beale street by shelling is offering dine in today is looks like Bob Evans all the Bob Evans places look like they're open to about eight o'clock tonight the capital grille DJs buffet there's some some places you go golden lamb Morton's steakhouse Morton's the steakhouse I should say national example in merry months the Phoenix downtown they've got above a noon to six seasons fifty two if you don't want to cook Smokey bones sweet sweets and meats also trio mistral whatever whatever else BB riverboats has their thanksgiving day cruises again I would double check before you show up maybe these of places are sold out metropole supposedly they're recursive steak house Parker's blue ash tavern chart house are all on the list if you do not want to cook today some restaurants that you can go to on thanksgiving day nearly great cranberry sauce debate is still going on you ready Dan you listen up here I don't see what your family's doing here when it comes to cranberries on your thanksgiving day table deal of the log or pervert preferred the whole berry sauce those are the two choices there either way cranberry sauce has a place of honor on sixty percent of American tables will be on your skin why does the log art we have one log for producer Dingli since morning right all right many many families prefer both styles to keep everybody happy so according to the latest ocean spray's consumer research seventy six percent of us three or four people opt for store bought sauce and most do not I'm and most who do not like the jelly variety syrup the shape of the king in you just drop it out of the can there you go that's probably what I'll do today if it happens more than half of us serve it sliced along the ridges of the can southerners are fifty percent more likely than other Americans to choose canned cranberry sauce and when it comes to styles of cranberry sauce the Daily Mail reports that north easterners favor cranberry relish made with uncooked berries while westerners like a cooked sauce some people even spice it up which Polly chilling not doing that just give me the ridges and things like that that's where it is there's the great cranberry sauce debates here we.

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