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To give to friends and colleagues for more information visit AP images dot com China's central bank's hoping to boost the country's slowing economy by cutting the amount of money banks will be required to have on hand starting January sex the people's bank of China it says the reserve requirement ratio for financial institutions will be lowered by fifty basis points China's official state news agency says about eight hundred billion you one or one hundred fourteen point six billion US dollars will be released into the economy for lending purposes that'll help the economy ahead of the lunar new year that falls on January twenty fifth the news agency quoted an unidentified central bank official as saying the move doesn't indicate a large scale government stimulus program ruling out the possibility of a flood like flow of fresh money Babe Ruth was sold by the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees for one hundred twenty five thousand dollars in January of nineteen twenty one of Ruth's biographers cal wagon Heim said people thought the slugger was a freak of nature you had scientists coming and examining Ruth and all kinds of strange bizarre articles in the press about Ruth having superhuman vision or superhuman coordination so why did Boston let Ruth go well in nineteen twenty every freezie became the new owner of the team and he reportedly needed money to finance his Broadway production interests if he had any idea what would happen next he never would have done the deal baseball historian Marty Appel said Ruth had an immediate effect on the game who made the whole run the signature on nineteen twenties first year with the Yankees he hit more home runs than any other team in the league that's a January moment sports history Jack president trump continues to enjoy strong support.

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