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Me here in studio is a man who knows a lot about what's going on in this draft, certainly with the top quarterbacks available in this year's draft because they are part of his clients as the private instructor quarterback instructor for 3D QB, the 40th overall pick of the 2007 NFL Draft John Beck here in studio. Good to see you, John how you doing? I'm doing good. Thanks for coming in. Yeah, of course. I appreciate it. You got your 3D QP. You get opportunities like this. You gotta kinda shake it. I appreciate that. And be careful. The guy who makes a sound so good over there, my audio executive, he likes to call it Mike del tufo. He is the king of its free, it's me. I agree. I agree with that. I'll take one. Yeah. Okay. Let me get an address and we'll send you something. He'll wear it because Nike's not paying him a dime right now. No. He just got the hat for nothing one thing. Well, it's good to see you. I appreciate it. I know how long were you on the road at what point consecutively? Yeah, this time of year between pro days, the pre draft prep. And then we still have our NFL clients. So those guys are getting ready for their day when they start OTAs. So we have those guys that were on the road for as well. So you were because I saw you at the combine. Yeah. That's right. Combine senior bowl, all that type of stuff. So you went from mobile and so your home base is out here in Southern California, right? Yeah. Okay. So occasionally you touch back before mobile and then Indianapolis, and then the pro days. So two of your clients, we've heard of and significantly heard of over the last 6, 7 weeks CJ Stroud and Bryce young. When was the first time you saw Bryce young? When did you connect with him? 14 years old, I think he was. He was an 8th grader. And he came to our field. I remember he was doing the workout and one of our other coaches Taylor Kelly was like, hey, you gotta watch this kid. This kid's pretty impressive for 14 year old. And he was from the get go. The kid was showed some innate skills, some ability to kind of make some throws that were very unique. And then I was also really impressed with how quick of release, how strong of an arm he had at that young of an age. At that young overnight. Yeah, and then you just watched him progress and he went up and transferred to modern day. I want to say going into his junior year started for them for a couple of years. Tops in the country commits to Alabama. I've been fortunate. I got to watch a spring game there with him one time. I went out and did some stuff with him and he's just been special, really the entire time. And the specialness for Bryce young and what I heard at the combine so much about was his football intelligence FBI as it's referred to so much that he has a unique ability to absorb a game plan and execute it. You got a good story that about that. So I'll say this. I've been doing the pre draft prep stuff for quarterbacks for a while now. He's probably one of the, maybe if not the first guy where I actually, after one of the times I just kind of said Bryce, hey, let's talk. I get the sense that this is so much of what you've already understood. You've already done. And I kind of liken it to, if I were to bring somebody that's been in the league for two to three years and put them through the pre draft process. Yes. Of the thing that we do, we watch tape, we show NFL clips, hey, have you experienced this? Is this concept new to you? You have experience running this. Have you seen this coverage? They're learning as they're going. It was like Bryce had experienced it almost. And whether it's because of what he was exposed to at Alabama, how he absorbs information, whatever they were doing, he is so well prepared right now for the position that he's in. And so for me, it was the first time where I felt like for him I might need to do some other things that challenge him because our normal flow for the pre draft kind of like information acquisition process, it's like he'd almost done it before. And then how will that translate to an NFL transition from rookie from a college to rookie? How will that manifest itself in a way that teams know it, see that, experience it, whether it's in an interview at the combine or at one of the top 30 visits or it's a pro day conversation. How will they hear this know this and maybe shoot him further up a draft board because of a do you think? Well, I think they'll sense comfort. You can tell when something's new to somebody, you can tell when they have experience. Let's say putting it on the board. A lot of the times in the pre draft process as a coach, you're putting concepts on the board and you're talking through that. And all the guys at this stage are bright. They all get it. They all understand football. But do they have the experience actually doing it in a game? An 11 on 11 situation. Whether that's a game rep, a practice rep, have they played it out. Because here's one of the differences between a young quarterback and a veteran quarterback in the league. A lot of young quarterbacks are smart, but they lack the experience. The veteran quarterbacks they can tell you, look, that's what the read is, but here's what I do. Or I can get through the progression quicker because I know I can eliminate one this fast. Well, young guys, they don't have that experience yet. Bryce is probably going to be able to get in those positions and say, oh yeah, I've had that experience. I can get off one that faster. I know what I can do here. I know I'm going to have this wheel linebacker's eyes. It's going to be that like almost as if he's played a year, even though he hasn't. And I think the big thing nowadays with the pro football is when you're drafting the guy's high, it's no longer about here's our offense. We have to get you up to speed on our offense. And you got to do what we want. I sense more now, it's like, let's see what this guy's done before. What he's good at because if we're going to play him early, it's going to need to be things that he's comfortable with. And so if I have a guy like Bryce coming into my building to be the quarterback, there's so much that he's going to be comfortable with, which helps, especially if you are a young play caller. And I know like there's veteran play colors and Carolina. But if you're in Houston and you got a first year play caller, that's going to help to have a guy that has some experience in those different concepts. Right.

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