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What an amazing opportunity. Please do come forward, if you super shy and you don't want to say anything on tape, then you can always just drop me an Email with some words in it, too. Thanks for all the lovely feedback on the p two D'amoto episodes. It's clear that you really love hearing from him, and it was so much fun to do. I've got lots of exciting episodes in the pipeline. But if there's something you'd like me to tackle in the show, then I'd love to hear what that is, as I start planning for the rest of the year. So drop me a line to on the ledge podcast, gmaiLcom and tell me what topics you want to know about. I'm hoping to have an episode on pepperoni is coming up. Also, the long awaited spider plants episode will becoming but if there's any other plaza eat, particularly, like me to cover then do let me know. And I will add it to my list, because many of the episodes that I put out all inspired by listener ideas, because you guys are full of great thoughts. So please share your ideas with me. And you never know you might be hearing that idea brought to life on, on the ledge podcast before you know, it also shout out this week to mine. Listeners in Canada. I realized recently that there's another podcast in Canada called on the ledge, and I think it's politics, one, I was not too confusing for you, having to podcasts could on the ledge the other ones produced by CBC radio. And it's the scribe does a weekly CBC podcast, that makes Cisco and politics personal. I'm not sure what the vent diagram of people who listen to both podcasts called on the ledge is, but I would love to know if that applies to any of you, but I've noticed that not many of you have left a review on apple podcasts or indeed, anywhere else. So come on Canadian listeners, please frontal up and leave a review for on the ledge. I know you're out that all you Canadians. So go on do me a favor and leave me review. The Joseph flower show, what is it? Where is it? What is it about? Well, I guess it's probably one of the world's best known flower shows, partly because it's been around for a very, very long time over a hundred years and takes place in a very prestigious part of London in Chelsea the Chelsea hospital, which is home to lots of retired veterans. And this is really the show that brings together the criminal Krim of British horticulture to celebrate all things plants. The main show gardens outside. Well, there aren't many houseplants on display there. But go into the great Providian and the place is absolutely packed with amazing stands from nurseries from all around the UK, and here is really where the house plant aficionado can get your fix. I'd love to suggest to the RHS that they grouped together all of the indoor plants stands together. So that you can see them on wandering around if your house plot enthusiast, you can see everything together, I will suggest that to them because otherwise, you have to spend the whole time crossing this huge enormous white tent. That is the great pavilion, didn't how big it is. But it's it's flipping enormous. I can tell you looking for the relevant stands that you want to see and there are quite a few that all relevant for us. House plant lovers. I'm an is to speak to three nursery people for this episode. I we're going to start out with a chat with the lovely Andy of Andy's air plants. Now, if you listen closely to one lead you may have heard Andy mentioned before because James Wong and rob stock Vits two of our former guests are both fans and of four plants from him in the past. So it was wonderful to see and these I ever display at Chelsea and boy was gorgeous. Check out my show notes Jane Perron dot com. Some pictures, I wanted to find out for Mandy, why he loves these plants and what it takes to bring a beautiful. Display like this to Chelsea. Hello, my.

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