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And soccer star Christiano Ronaldo has tested positive for covert 19 Dave added WG and sports. And now the W G n four test. Mostly sunny skies across Chicagoland this afternoon. Breezy southwesterly winds 15 to 25 MPH gusting to 30 and we'll see our daytime high weddings today top out right around the 70 degree mark. For tonight. Partly cloudy skies will drop into the upper forties. Then for tomorrow Look for mostly cloudy skies. Breezy south winds 15 to 25 MPH and daytime high returns tomorrow that will Max out in the lower seventies cooler here Thursday with a 20% chance for some morning rain showers. Partly sunny skies and daytime hybrid uncivil climb on Lee into the mid fifties sometime Friday high of 55 degrees and we'll hold into the mid fifties with dry conditions for the upcoming weekend. From the W G in weather Center. I'm Paul Conrad. Your money on W G n markets have taken a downward turn. The Dow is now down 145 points. The NASDAQ is down. 32 points in the S and P 500 is down. 23 points. It's 63 degrees and Bartlett we have 62 up by Kenosha 66 down by lancing, and it is 64 degrees by Chicago's lakefront. I'm Lauren Latka on Chicago's very own 7 20, w G and C. We knew it would get warm. Hey, coming up on the show more from Capitol Hill. Also Tom Skilling on some interesting weather trends ahead for us, so stay tuned. The go through some emails. Check your calendar. See that You have a 45 minute break in the day between meetings realized this is your moment. So.

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