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About 83% of men's pay. Back piper, CBS News, New York. Around here, Maryland adopted a similar law in 2020. Coming up in money news. Without closed down a 129 points, a tax deadline for Virginia taxpayers, I'm Jeff Gable. 5 18. You know what that means traffic and weather we start with Dave dildine. Slick and slow around the capitol belt way and with one recent crash reported in prince George's county on the outer loop near Richie marburg road, also in Largo caller finding a vehicle on fire on central avenue, westbound near the beltway, burning in the right lane, a Truman drive, pointed westbound on two 14. Bully firefighters have arrived out with that one now. A listener finding a crash in Croft and en route three northbound expect delays near the fast food at Carver road where the left lanes reported blocked on route three, stay right, northbound. This afternoon though the big traffic incident you just heard about in Silver Spring, the police chase ending in a crash into a metro bus, watching right now in camera, the minivan that mounted the police car has been winched off the cruiser and is being towed from the scene. The bus and cruiser involved along with the investigation, though keeps Georgia avenue closed southbound between sligo avenue and east west highway. Earlier last hour, they reopened the northbound lanes of Georgia avenue, and northbound traffic delays have eased out quite a bit. It still congested on 16th street ponti branch road and Blair wrote, but it's really only slow once you get into Silver Spring around. Let's say a Fenton street and Cole's field road. So not a huge traffic impact. I'd say the weather is more impactful this afternoon. It's certainly slippery out there. Take your time on the Cloverleaf ramps, merging on and off the highways. It's going to take some time in the rainy conditions on two 70, 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway in Virginia on 66, three 95 and 95. In the district, they were doing road work despite the weather, southbound on south capitol street near Audi field and the Douglas bridge, only one lane to the left was getting by. And disappointing delays were in week two now with the signals malfunctioning at Pennsylvania and Minnesota, avid is southeast. Not giving enough green time for outbound drivers, and that's why we're in slow traffic, leaving eastern market across the Sousa bridge

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