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You by the Commonwealth of Virginia. I'm seventy traffic and weather together. Early gates update on the roads and his Ryan. Pull the inbound side of the Edens Keith in from lake cook to the junction you've gotta travel time right now. And it's gonna take you twenty seven the outbound side nineteen Kennedy out to the airport at travel time is at thirty one. It's thirteen at a local intended the express inbound fifty still five zero O'Hare into downtown twenty-seven coming in from the injunction. Montrose is jammed from river toll plaza canfield Harlem to the Jane Byrne O'Hare extension eastbound take from Bessie Coleman to the tri-state for on the outbound. Eisenhower, it's Forty-six salad minutes out to Mannheim an hour and seven out to route three ninety heavy from independence to first salad with a crash at Eighty-three blocking the left lane. Inbound heavy from north avenue the tri-state Mannheim to Harlem, and then western of the Jane Byrne, you've got a concert at the United Center. It starts at eight forty nine three ninety and it's thirty two in for Mannheim. Stevenson, outbound twenty-seven to Cicero thirty seven the tri-state forty seven to three fifty five heavy from the Ryan Cicero inbound, it's fifty five heavy from I. California forty coming in from the tri-state twenty twenty-five in from Cicero fifty five southbound heavy three fifty five past fifty three. If you're on the Ryan out tonight v thirty inbound twenty to fifty seven twenty out inbound, a fifteen minute ride Bishop Ford, outbound twenty inbound twenty-five stall, the right lane just before one hundred thirty th civilly to the Ryan after that like sure drive north and south. So both ways and the tri-state southbound I ninety two fifty five northbound to ninety the Bentonville bridge crash before Dempsey blocking.

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