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But you just gotta call them to lie and you knew it lowers the latin undoubtedly at the time that you say which were on his person the nick turn looks because you know this the to sign kind of swelled and i thought she got pregnant trutv pregnant with the true baby disres disrespectful she really thinks she really think we stupid like she really thinks we're stupid and just supposed to believe her sarah a night with siro note hunting when that'd be miss many and she would have to be cleaning houses for me for me to to literally balu so you ps employees gwendolyn carter spilled wendelin like normal inland but carter's crd are she was a human resource supervisor at ups and she got fired got fire taylor people as she got fired for being racist facebook i always here for these public dragging of racists she seed thugs so they're talking about there was artem about police brutality and i think there was somebody standing up police against police brutality or something like that no no he okay i'm sorry let me let me not me i laugh like huckabee sanders so there was a police car that hit this black man while they were in pursuit of him that's definitely police brutality have hits the car so she insinuated that he deserved it she said thugs deserve it if a family member so be it however i do not have any thugs in my family that i'm aware of seems to be people of color who are the problem.

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